If you have the English video game there is an event til the 12th of February. Therefore you have til climate to get Keldeo via wireless. User Info: Danb218. Danb218 – 8 years ago 0 0.At the minute in the usait is an occasion pokemon in wifi. Walk to gift climate wifi via nintendo occasion then search gifts and also load. User Info: tidasf10.

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How solid is Keldeo?

At 129, Keldeo has the greatest base Special assault stat of all Water-type Pokemon available in OU; this and its terrific Speed clearly make it the finest Pokemon because that the job.

What is Keldeo weakness?


How much HP does Keldeo have?

Base stats

Sp. Atk129392
Sp. Def90306

What is the finest item for Keldeo?

Leftovers is the best item as it lets Keldeo set up top top Jellicent without gift worn down as easily and also gives the pony the capacity to try and sweep multiple times. Life Orb however is nice because that the power an increase that allows Hydro Pump turn whatever you’re hitting into Mr. Hands.

What item go Keldeo use?

Its signature Fighting-type move, mystery Sword, plays into Keldeo’s strange nature. It supplies Keldeo’s one-of-a-kind Attack, however hits the opponent based upon their physical Defense. This lets Keldeo punish frail Pokémon like any kind of other Fighting-type if still being true to its other type, Water.

Is Keldeo a special attack?

Keldeo’s solid unique Attack and Speed stat allow it to function as a heavy balance breaker in the OU tier. Keldeo additionally lacks any powerful coverage options and is forced to depend on weaker moves together as hidden Power and Icy Wind.

What is the finest Moveset for Keldeo?

The best moves because that Keldeo (Resolute) are Low Kick and Hydro Pump as soon as attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move mix has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset because that PVP battles.

How perform you obtain the Keldeo secret sword?

Secret sword is the signature Fighting-type move of Keldeo presented in Generation V. This move have the right to be learned by via tutoring once the remainder of the Swords of righteousness are likewise in the player’s party and also the player access time an old man in the Moor the Icirrus. However, that is weaker 보다 its counterpart, sacred Sword.

How go Keldeo learn mystery sword black 2?

Secret sword is a Special strike that causes Physical Damage. This way it offers the user’s Special strike stat to deal damage to the target’s Defense stat. It deserve to only be taught to Keldeo. Come teach it, take it Keldeo come the tiny area in the north woods the Floccesy Town, and also investigate the cracked mountain.

What is secret sword?

Secret sword inflicts damage. Despite being a distinct move, secret Sword offers the target’s Defense instead of its one-of-a-kind Defense to calculation damage. Secret Sword is still a distinct move. It uses the user’s Special attack to calculation damage.

How carry out you acquire Keldeo in black and white?

You must have actually the Pokédex and no much more than 11 Wonder Cards in your possession, or else you won’t be able to receive Keldeo. From then, every you need to do is select secret Gift, complied with by receive Gift. Choose ‘Get Via Wireless’, you’ll see Keldeo appear.

How do you acquire Genesect in Pokemon black color 2?

In order to gain a Genesect of your own, every you should do is acquisition a copy of black color 2 or White 2 during the dates mentioned above. As soon as you’ve done that, attach to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and also in no time at all, Genesect will certainly be ~ above the means to your game cart.

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How do you acquire Keldeo in Pokemon black 1?

You can only get a Keldeo native the event(already passed) or by commerce it with GTS or with a friend. Likewise you can gain it v AR or hacks.