When playing Pokemon Red one of the huge questions you will confront early top top in the game is just how to gain Abra in Pokemon Red?

Abra is a physic Pokemon that has actually the ability to use a move called “Teleport”. This move basically stops you from catching it due to the fact that it runs from the battle every time the relocate is used.

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But carry out not fear, there is a means to legally catch Abra, and also it calls for some patience and also a Butterfree. So, grab your Gameboy chuck in among your finest Gameboy color games and get all set to record that Abra!

How to catch Abra in Pokemon Red?

To capture an Abra in Pokemon Red girlfriend will require a Butterfree which has the relocate “sleep powder”, these have the right to be evolved from Caterpie which deserve to be captured in Viridian Forest. Once you have actually a Butterfree head end to Cerulean City, walk over the golden Nugget Bridge and immediately take it a left.


Here girlfriend will discover a job of grass that spawns wild Abra’s at a 15% conference rate, so the shouldn’t take long. Abra’s will spawn at level 8, 10 and also possibly level 12. It is in warned, you might need to fight a trainer before.

Once you have actually looked because that the Abra and are in fight it’s time to usage Butterfree’s Sleep powder move before Abra it s okay the opportunity to Teleport.

Once Abra is asleep, it’s time to use your Pokeballs. Throw them prefer your life counts on it and you’ll have actually an Abra for her Pokedex in no time.

It may require indigenous repetition, at times your Pokeballs will feel prefer they don’t work and Abra simply Teleports away, however this clues will keep spawning Abra’s every day, therefore make sure you’ve stocked up on Pokeballs and that you’re Butterfree has plenty the sleep powder moves left.

Once you have caught Abra you room then able come level it up and Evolve it right into Kadabra. Kadabra can come to be a very powerful Pokemon and also will assist you with your journey specifically when it’s your time to fight

Where to discover Abra in Pokemon Red?


Abra have the right to be uncovered north the Cerulean City end the golden Nugget bridge on the left grass area.

Once you have actually an Abra, and also evolve it into Kadabra, the only means to evolve it right into an Alakazam is by trade it v a girlfriend via connect Cable. This provides Alakazam a reasonably rare Pokemon in the original games.

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So it would certainly be wise for you to catch an Abra simply incase you come across another Pokemon Red player that wants to profession you an Abra because that an Abra.

So that’s how you gain Abra in Pokemon Red, pretty easy actually. Abra is also mandatory for the next large question: how to gain Mew in Pokemon Red?