In Pokémon HeartGold and also SoulSilver, the player have the right to purchase evolution stones native the Pokéathlon Dome’s Athlete Shop. The specific stones easily accessible depend on the work of the week. In Pokémon Black, White, black color 2, and also White, the player can uncover Evolution stones in dust clouds.

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Where perform I gain a Water stone in Pokemon soul Silver?

Water Stones are uncovered from the Pokeathalon for 2500 point out Wednesdays only. The is the only location in Johto that you can discover a Water Stone. You can acquire a Water stone from Bill’s Grandpa up on Cerulean Cape in Kanto by showing him a Staryu.

Can you gain a leaf stone in SoulSilver?

You can get the Leaf stone from rather a couple of places. Friend can uncover it in Viridian forest located in Kanto. It is also the an initial Place prize for the Bug-Catching Competition. You can additionally get it together a gift from one of two people Bill’s grandfather who is located in Fuchsia City in Kanto after reflecting him an Oddish.

Where do I acquire a leaf stone in silver?

Answers. Go to bill’s house on path 25, show various of pokemon there, and also you will additionally get another rock here.

How carry out you gain a leaf stone from Picnicker Gina?

On Sunday evening you might receive a Leaf rock by call Picnicker Gina. Top top Sunday night you might receive a Water rock by phone call Fisherman Chris. Top top Sunday night you might re-battle Picnicker Gina by phone call her. On Monday morning you may re-battle college Kid Jack by phone call him.

Where have the right to I acquire a leaf stone in Johto?

If you’re play Crystal, make friends through the camper girl near the Daycare Center. She’ll contact you eventually and also give you a sheet Stone.

How carry out you obtain a leaf rock in Gen 2?

2 Answers. Bill’s grandfather is the just way. He’ll ask to watch a couple of Pokemon, and also give you an evolutionary rock after girlfriend do. Once he asks to view an Oddish, he’ll price you with a leaf Stone.

How execute you acquire a Water rock in Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, there room two means to get a Water Stone: you can trade a blue shard for one at the endowment Hunter’s house or discover one ~ above the abandoned ship….Getting a Water stone from the sweetheart Hunter

Get a Blue Shard. Go to the Diving treasure Hunter’s house. Speak to the endowment Hunter.

Can girlfriend buy sheet stones in sword?

How to obtain a Leaf stone in Pokemon Sword and also Shield. To find the Leaf stone without too lot trouble, you desire to head to the Lake of upset in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area.

Can you get a leaf stone from the digging duo?

By someone else, we average the Digging Duo. Girlfriend can discover them in leg Field, and handing over some Watts will gain them to dig up something because that you (which hopefully end up gift the sheet Stone). This Stones aren’t guaranteed, yet it’s just a matter of investing time and also watts.

Where is the water rock shield?

Water stone is found in Bridge ar (Wild Area). Advancement north in the area till you see a route going left, v some grass and also a Raid den by the city walls. Alongside the Raid den, you find the Water stone in a red Pokeball pickup top top the floor.

Can girlfriend buy water stones in Shield?

To get a Water rock without too lot trouble, you desire to head to the Lake of angry in the Pokemon Sword and also Shield Wild Area. You’ll check out a human body of water alongside one of the Watt Traders. To overcome it you’ll need the Rotom Bike friend receive during Route 9, about the time you knife your sixth gym badge.

Where is the fire stone shield?

How to get a Fire stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To uncover the Fire stone head over to the Lake of angry in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area, where there’s a circle of rocks to find throughout a little body that water beside a Watt Trader. You require the Rotom cycle from course 9 (six gym badges) to get here.

When should I evolve growlithe shield?

Among the tiny list of rock evolutions, Growlithe is just one of four Pokémon the evolves making use of the Fire Stone. Prior to Pokémon knife & Pokémon Shield, that was right to evolve Growlithe at level 45 to get every one of his moves, however with the relocate Reminder, you can learn every one of Growlithe’s moves without having actually to wait.

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How many fire stones are in Shield?

There are eight stones total, and each will have actually an development stone.