large Pixy Stix are the latest bigger version the the classic Pixy Stix. That good flavor and texture is packed into a plastic tube v lots and lots that sugary delight! This 85 ct. Box includes an assortment that 4 very delicious flavors consisting of cherry, grape, Maui punch and orange. The big Pixy Stix Candy-Filled funny Straws are great for birthday parties and also make a distinct novelty gift! every piece actions 16 in. And has a network weight the .42 oz.


IncludesNet WeightMilitary garments (Y/N)Shipping By air ProhibitedCapacity/VolumeBrandWidthColor NameWeightDepthHeightLength
85 giant Pixy Stix, every 0.42 oz
36 oz
Other Brands
No Color

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