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SKU: NAOH-2-FOOD_GRADEUPC: 892647002000

Shipping Restrictions: ORM-DAIR distribution PROHIBITED -> have the right to only be transport to USA 48 Contiguous StatesORM-D -> deserve to only be transport to USA 48 Contiguous StatesORM-D free SHIP -> deserve to only be transport to USA States and USA TerritoriesCountry of Origin: USAHarmonized Code: 2815110000Gross load (lb.): 2.5Net weight (lb.): 2SDS/MSDS Link: http://www.barisalcity.org/msds/NaOH_SDS.pdfC.O.A. / G.C. Link: http://www.barisalcity.org/msds/NAOH_COA_FG.jpgAyurvedic Blog: http://ayurvedicoils.com/Essential Oil Blog: http://essentialoil.net/Greener Life Products: https://greenerlifeclub.com/product-directory/

Food grade sodium hydroxide / Lye. Provided for soap or biodiesel as soon as the quality of the caustic is an extremely critical. Likewise use if: you have actually been having difficulties with the consistency of batches, build with tough to saponify oil blends, or employ sensitive important oils. This class is likewise Food Codex, FCC, and Kosher, v a Certificate of evaluation included. Can be offered for Pretzels, Olives, Lutefisk, Hominy or any other food use.Shipped as 1 x 2lb. Containers in one box.If you live ~ above the west coast, to stop high shipping charges us recommend you take it a look at purchasing 10lbs (5 x 2lb containers) of our Food great Lye, which is just $49.49 with cost-free SHIPPING ------> CLICK HEREPlease Note: If you desire the best value, consisting of shipping, every bottle. Check out our 32lb (16 x 2lb bottles) and 128 lb (64 x 2 lbs bottles) offerings this will provide you a much lower price per party for the product delivered to your door. And also because we just use high high quality HDPE containers, with air tight resealable caps, you have the right to keep the product for as long as you wish in the garage (just make certain the caps are tight).***** Hazardous Material notification *****


Please testimonial our material Safety Data Sheets for the Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide products before using them:

Sodium Hydroxide / Lye MSDS - CLICK here

Potassium Hydroxide / Lye MSDS - CLICK HERE

Here space our Cetificate of analysis for the Sodium and also Potassium Hydroxide products:

Sodium Hydroxide technical Grade Beads COA- CLICK HERE

Sodium Hydroxide Food class Micro Beads COA- CLICK HERE

Potassium Hydroxide Flakes COA - CLICK HERE

Vintage Lye


Soap Making has been walk on in peoples’ kitchens, barns, and also yards for over 100 years. In ~ GreenerLifeClub.com we wanted to share these 5 an excellent vintage pamphlets native the at an early stage 1900’s. Each includes some really interesting facts and usage information around Lye. Enjoy! Click here to view and download Vintage Lye pamphlets.

Lye Quality

It is vitally vital that friend use just quality salt Hydroxide (Lye) when making soap. Vital Depot’s salt Hydroxide (Lye) is produced in the U.S.A. By a very huge reputable chemistry company. The manufacturer’s specification is 96% minimum salt Hydroxide strength. The typical Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) strength received from the manufacturer by necessary Depot is in between 98% and 99.9%. Sodium Hydroxide native China or Mexico have the right to vary by greater percentages.

Essential Depot has filled end 100,000 orders indigenous soap makers with that high-quality U.S.A. Do Food Grade sodium Hydroxide (Lye). This has allowed Essential Depot to market the better quality product in ~ a reduced price than its competitors.

With much input indigenous our most experienced soapmakers, crucial Depot has actually been able to determine the many feasible causes of the rare bad batch that soap. Click below to review our write-up "Avoiding negative Batches" and Click here for our comfortable Soap do Troubleshooting Guide.

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