This basic guide will show you how to inspect your transmission fluid in simply a couple of easy steps. If friend take care of your Ford truck"s transmission, your Ford truck will certainly take treatment of you!

This article uses to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and also the F-250, F-350 supervisor Duty (2005-2014).

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Are friend a weekend warrior, or love a an excellent day off-roading? your Ford-150 or at sight Duty transmission needs extra attention at least every 2 year or every 30,000 miles. Dirty fluid can reason issues varying from a check engine light to damaged transmission internals. Heat and also broken components will shorten the life of your fluid, but in general, her transmission fluid will last the life of her truck. It"s additionally the very first thing your should examine if the transmission is misbehaving.


Step 1 - situate the transmission dipstick

Always use caution once opening and also securing the hood of your truck. If the truck has recently remained in use, the engine will be warm and could possibly reason a young burn. Use the bar inside the vehicle, pop the hood and also secure the hood through the internal prop.

Figure 1. "04 - "08 F-150 engine bay. The transmission fluid dipstick is circled in red.

Most Ford F-150 trucks have the transmission dipstick located to the instant left, or ~ above the passenger side. It looks favor a glowing yellow ring. However, newer truck models through the 6R80 will have actually a concealed dipstick situated on the actual transmission body.

Figure 2. Late design F-150"s v the 6R80 have actually a short dipstick easily accessible on the transmission. 19mm wrench required.
Pro Tip

Before you decision to fill up on infection fluid, make certain you"re checking while the transmission is as much as temperature. Girlfriend can inspect when it"s cold, but transmission liquid will broaden with heat, make the warmer analysis a much more accurate one.

Step 2 - check your transmission fluid level

A warmth engine check is necessary to recognize the top quality of your infection fluid. Your dipstick will have actually both cold and hot level indicators. You"ll want to check the liquid while it"s heat if her truck is in driveable condition. Transmission fluid expands as it heats up, therefore a "HOT" analysis is more accurate.

To acquire the transmission up to the exactly temperature, drive approximately until the engine is warm. Then drive another mile or so come be sure the transmission is approximately temperature too.

Figure 4. Your transmission liquid should be in this selection when heat (approx 150°F come 170°F)
Figure 5. Her transmission liquid should be in this selection when cold.

Step 3 - Visually check transmission liquid quality

Make certain your automobile is parked on a level surface and pull the end the dipstick. Look in ~ both the color and also the consistency that the fluid. It should be either bright red, or in some cases, virtually clear. If the is dark red, brown or black, you need a fluid and also filter change.

Don’t forget to change the dipstick in your auto when finished.

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Figure 3. Check your transmission fluid"s color against this chart.

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