Dale Earnhardt Jr: “That derailed me because that a couple of years.”

Tony Eury Sr is the uncle come Dale Earnhardt Jr. Together, the operated on the #8 machine in the NASCAR Cup series at Dale Earnhardt, Inc. It lugged success because that the both that them. Until one day, they couldn’t was standing each other.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr and also Tony Eury Sr were a dream team. To this day, Dale Earnhardt has regret top top breakup and wonders what could have been.

If Dale Earnhardt Jr had do-over in life?

“I would have actually done every little thing I can have to prevented busting increase me and the Eury’s,” Dale Earnhardt Jr reminisced via the Dale Jr Download.

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“There was no one human being responsible because that that. And there to be times throughout that discussion that ns was agreeing through the adjust to carry out something different.”

“That derailed me because that a few years. We simply come turn off of a 6 win season. Stupid! The dumbest, stupidest friggin’ thing.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr collected 6 wins, 1131 laps led, 21 top-10’s and was 5th in the final standings in their last season together. The next year, Dale Jr built up a solitary win, 169 laps led, 13 top-10’s and also was 21st in final standings.

“I think earlier now and also go, ‘How and also the hell was i at the finish of house so freakin’ uncomfortable that i didn’t desire to occupational with lock anymore.’ after winning 6 races and literally just winning at Phoenix a couple weeks prior to that.”

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