Is that difficult? exactly how do I recognize the specific location? simply purchased a replacement however I want to make certain I"m opened up the best compartment.

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3.5L V-6

This is a snapshot of what I believe it is.




No that"s not the location. It"s in the thermostat real estate (attached to the engine) that the outlet radiator water tap attaches too. This hose runs from the ideal side (passenger side) of the radiator to the engine.

Drain the cooling mechanism Remove the air cleaner outlet duct

Remove the radiator outlet water tap from the thermostat housing


Remove the bolt and also bolt/stud hold the housing


Remove the thermostatClean the gasket surfacesInstall brand-new thermostatInstall brand-new gasket, through gasket sealer if friend prefer.Install in the turning back order, Making certain not to end torque the bolts. Spec is 10 N.m (89 customs pounds) or about 7 foot pounds. In other words snug or you"ll piece the threads out of the block.Fill v 50/50 DEX-COOL and distilled water.

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I never located the thermostat however opening increase the inlet house and also putting back seemed to clear some air out and also now it functions fine

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