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What a item of work changing a starter on a Zetec engine of a 2002 focus SE.When disconneting wires or sockets, usage tape to mark them v a ID for this reason you know what lock are and also where castle go, due to the fact that you will finish up having to unplug a most stuff under that hood which i called Spaghetti Hell !You can"t watch the suturing starter from almost everywhere unless friend jack up the auto Securily and at least 2 feet off the ground ( front end). ( Hey this is no 1966 you know...) It"s situated right under the intake Manifold at the back of the engine and can be viewed from under the car or partially from the optimal if you remove de waiting Filter crate entirely. Next I removed the battery and battery tray tray to offer myself more room to work. There are three (3) Bolts securing the starter engine to the Bell Housing. I starter by removing the reduced one indigenous under the automobile patiently and with quick strokes the the ratchet "cause there is no room come work..Afterwards, ns loosened the top Bolt indigenous under the car and finished the from optimal side do myself a bit more room by attaching wires and hoses on sides v tie wraps.The hardest bolt to eliminate is the one ~ above top situated towards the former of the engine. I also did this one native on top of the engine kneeling top top the optimal of the Radiator and also had my knees padded to carry out so. Keep in mind that every Bolts room METRIC ranging from 10mm to 13mm. When the starter to be loose, I had to disconnect the huge red cable going come the alternator uneven you wanna spend hrs trying to unbolt the wiring cradel top top the starter. Climate it was a sinch to eliminate the starter carefully dropping it and making certain the Red and Black floor Battery cables were not snagged or attached come something in the process. And there you have it, the starter and cables all in one .Once my starter was FREE, ns did part tests on mine starter to make certain he to be the troublemaker and also not some other relay or broken wire...This was not the case, the starter to be seized and also inoperative. While I had actually the starter ~ above the work-related bench, i unbolted the plastic harness bolted come the behind of the starter , This freed the wire cables ( Ground,positive and also relay wire) ns inspected the wiring come make sure no sulphate deposits to be on the relations or no cracks in the insulation.So now I have the starter on hand and will be sending it come a shop where they rebuild this starters.

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An Old mechanic as soon as told me that if you ever have to readjust your starter, try to have the initial one rebuilt otherwise friend will end up v some chinese imitation or jobber starter that might be slightly different and wont fit as snugly on you car. And let me tell you..with FORD and also this type of arrangement,you don"t desire that come happen....The best is to rebuild the one you have actually aleady or replace it with the exact same kind and same manufacturer.Well that"s it for the removal because that now..I"ll allow you men know exactly how I made out placing the new one back in.....