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Our car\"s symptom: My wife reverted from acquisition our boy to school roughly 8 am. Once she saw leave again in ~ 11 am -- NOTHING. No cranking, no clicking. Starter fails to work. No cranking over and no clicking. Turn the key, lamp come on but does not start. Nothing.
Charged the battery and also tried again. Nothing. Switched the starter relay with it\"s mate: nothing. Had the battery confirm at Autozone: Battery was okay and fully charged. Assuming that was not the move or some various other elusive thing and to save a trip later, ns purchased a instead of starter (2nd one; under warranty) and also went earlier home. Devices I used:
car jack and 2 x 8 hardwood blockscardboard sheets (to lay on)1/4\" journey ratchetsockets and also open/box finish wrenches8 mm10mm13mm7/32\" socket Old men\"s belt dimension 42 expanded w/ piece of 3\" twineSilicone grease2\" broad electrical or duct tapedrop lightssledge hammer Preparations:I go this repair in September in Indiana in my garage (where the vehicle starter had died), so conditions were nice good, specifically since I have actually a low-vision problem leaving me (thankfully) with just 10 levels of main vision in one eye. Having good light and \"comfort\" to be a blessing.To get a tiny extra room to work, I used the parking brake and chocked the rear driver\"s next wheel and also then jacked the prior passenger next wheel up and also then permit it down to rest on a pair 2 x 8 x 18 inch blocks the wood. DON\"T get under a auto that\"s hosted up by a jack! Start at the Battery:Using the 8mm socket, ease the battery terminals and also pull them turn off the posts. This will avoid shocks as soon as you get down to the starter. Climate Loosen optimal connectors of the vertical cable coming increase from the starter. You\"ll need the slack and also to gain the wire out of the way. Then relocate down to whereby the ground strap attaches to the engine block and using the 13mm wrench, eliminate the nut so you have the right to disconnect the strap and also remove the bracket turn off the block. Remove the splash guard:This may not it is in necessary, but it operated well for me to get light the sight and also hand-room to the starter from the front of the car.. My splash security was organized on through 3 - 8mm head screws and also 8 - 7/32 head screws. Use the ratchet to remove the screws and also move the guard ago out the the way.Disconnect the wires native the starter:From below, first using the wrenches climate ratchet, loosen and remove the 13mm and also 10mm nuts hold the wires top top the solenoid at the left end of the starter. Pay some attention to exactly how they go on. Remove the wires from the top and also get them the end of the way.Remove the two bolts and the starter:Using package head of the 13mm wrench, ease the peak nut (from above) and the bottom seed (from below). In mine case, the peak nut needed extra initiative which ns was able to apply by hold the wrench on the bolt head in my best hand and then, using the left hand, \"thunking\" the bolt loosened by hitting the wrench finish downward v the end of sledge hammer handle. (Sledge held by the head therefore the take care of was vertical; progressive it up 2 inches and also \"thunk\" it.) Loosen and also remove the bottom bolt (from below), and, prior to you crawl ago out, operation the men\"s belt with the belt buckle and also slide the loop that develops over the left finish of the starter body. Acquire it centered and also feed the end upward next to the starter. Then, from above, lug the belt finish up therefore it\"s available and continue to loosen and remove the optimal bolt. Just before removing the peak bolt, lift upward on the belt so that as soon as the starter is complimentary it won\"t drop instantly to the floor. The factor you don\"t want the starter to drop the end by itself, is, uneven you are skilled already, you need to get some OJT on just how to host it as it is relocating into and also out the the tight an are it fits into. Obtain the OJT - acquire some \"feel\" for how the brand-new one will most conveniently go earlier into place. Ago down on the floor again, get your lamp to illuminate the starter area and also pay attention to just how the starter is positioned as it come out and also down and also out the the opened in the flywheel housing. You may want to hold the starter in her left hand and also then host the actual weight of that via pulling top top the belt /twine which have the right to be operation up and out the former of the car, under the grill and held in your right hand. (Yes, you space laying top top your back on the garage floor -- working alone. The an are is or seems tight getting the starter up and into place. Obtain some exercise with it. Prep the new starter:With the brand-new starter up on your work bench, use some lubricant to both bolts and screw them both every the method in, and also then every the way out of the casting. This precaution have to facilitate a smoother installation. If your old starter and solenoid was oil-soaked from oil coming from the oil filter directly over it, you might want to wrap the barrel finish of the starter body with large electrical or duct tape to cover the opening where the ground wire connects indigenous the solenoid. The may help to slow-moving the degradation.Install the brand-new starter:Rig the belt loop top top the new starter so the the elevator will location the solenoid on the top, then location the starter on the floor under the car and feed the twine and also belt up v the opening and also then back around the grille . Then slide or start the bottom bolt right into the bottom hole, and once you\"re back in position, hoist and guide the starter up right into it\"s position. Piece of cake. Once it\"s \"there\", begin the bottom bolt and ratchet that in. Prefer my Dad constantly said, \"Please make sure it\"s no cross-threaded.\"Then, from above, acquire the height bolt started and ratchet castle both in, tightening with the box head 13 mm wrench.

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Placing it all ago together:
Re-attach the wires to the starter solenoidRe-Attach the bracket and ground strap come the engine blockTighten connectors ~ above the \"vertical\" cable harnessClean up your battery posts and re-attach the battery terminalsTest the starter. (Hopefully this walk the trick.)Put the splash guard earlier onGet the auto down off the blocksRemove the chock native the behind wheel and also release the parking brake Hopefully, you\"re good to go.