Raven rock is home to the Enclave and also reveals a lot about the institution. What room some things in this base that Fallout 3 players can have missed?

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The within of raven Rock as well as the key entrance for the base
Raven absent is the key base because that the Enclave in Fallout 3. During the game"s story, the player is captured and also brought to this base. This permits for a chance to explore Raven Rock, seeing exactly how the Enclave live and also even conference their leader. In addition to this, players can loot Enclave lockers to acquire their armor and also weaponry.

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with the number of enemies found, players could not take the moment to look roughly and notice the details in crow Rock. Taking a couple of seconds will certainly reveal more about the faction, what they space planning because that the resources Wasteland, and even a collectible.

10 located In Pennsylvania

The main entrance area because that Raven Rock
Raven absent is in the capital Wasteland, however players are able to discover the precise state the is in. Players can uncover this by going to the Boston Bugle building in Fallout 4 and also reading a terminal. The ar is a mountainous an ar in Pennsylvania. The terminal additionally reveals an ext about the base.

The chairman of the United claims vacated the White House, with the public wondering whereby he was. One assumption was crow Rock, yet it is revealed he checked out an oil rig close to San Francisco.

The war room situated in crow Rock
countless places in Fallout 3 also exist in reality, yet it could come as a surprised to discover that there is a genuine Raven Rock. The real-world location acted as a fallout sanctuary for the us government, enabling the government to still run after a atom war. This is similar to the Enclave, using the bunker together a government center.

The basic is additionally located in a comparable area together the in-game one. The real Raven rock is situated at Blue Ridge Summit in Pennsylvania, situated on the border the Maryland.

Nathan Vargas cowering in are afraid after the player find him
assuming the player did no blow up Megaton, a familiar face can be uncovered in raven Rock. It is none other than Nathan Vargas, a lover that the Enclave that tells the players that the Enclave are the saviors the the waste. Despite this, Nathan is discovered in raven Rock as a prisoner.

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Nathan was taken a sinner by the Enclave in ~ some point and have the right to be met by the player. He will certainly warn that the Enclave space not who they speak they room at all. If he stays through the encounter, he have the right to be uncovered in Megaton again.

One that the hallways the player need to go through
Raven rock will only be easily accessible to players during "The American Dream" quest. Going come the facility"s door prior to this will certainly only give players the prompt. Through that in mind, players have to take the time to search the base because that anything they could want come keep.

Enclave scientist uniforms have the right to be found and looted indigenous corpses, as deserve to the different types of strength armor. A certain collectible is additionally located in the base, with players no able to get it if they leaving the base.

speak of collectibles, the power Weapons bobblehead is found inside of crow Rock. That is located in Colonel Autumn"s room at the end of ar 2C. Heading west in ~ the finish of the hallway will carry players to the room.

be careful, as entering the control room will reason the door come lock. This makes it impossible to head back, definition players would have to reload a save. After picking up the bobblehead, players will obtain a irreversible +10 to their power weapon skill.

Anna Holt was helping with task Purity however defected to the Enclave later. She tipped the Enclave off around the project and also brought them come the Jefferson Memorial. ~ the assault, she deserve to be found in the scientific research lab in ~ Raven Rock wherein the player can face her.

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the is also because the Anna that the player was caught by the Enclave. She let Colonel fall know the Lone Wanderer to be retrieving a G.E.C.K., permitting for the ambush. Despite all of this, killing her will result in negative karma.

v the soundtrack in the game, players could avoid the Enclave Radio. The terminal is home to president Eden providing speeches and classic songs relating to America. Because that fans the the radio station, castle might an alert a difference if Raven absent is destroyed.

Players will no longer have the ability to find Enclave Radio on your Pip-Boy. That is not mentioned by any type of characters in the wasteland, so that can conveniently go unnoticed.

there are plenty of traps located throughout the funding Wasteland. These selection from a bear trap to a grenade in a baby carriage. With how progressed the Enclave is, it must be expected they have even far better traps. Raven absent is the only place where a laser tripwire can be found.

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The tripwire can be disabled with a repair skill of 85 or a science skill the 67. If a player does occur to cross with one, flammable gas and also a flame will certainly light lock on fire.

In the science lab of raven Rock, players can discover wasteland opponents in cryogenic stasis. A couple of enemies uncovered are ghouls, at sight mutants, deathclaws, and also yao guai. Being in stasis, players space able to view the opponents up close there is no worrying about being attacked.

It appears the Enclave to be trying to examine the various mutations uncovered in the capital Wasteland. That is till the Lone Wanderer came in and started to kill anyone in their path.

By detect a devastation code in Colonel Autumn"s terminal or by happen a decided check, football player can reason President Eden to self-destruct. If no of these options is taken, the base will certainly be left intact and the player will go on to take ago Project Purity. The DLC Broken Steel changes this, making the so the base is destroyed.

The player will find out that Liberty element led an attack on the base, blowing the up and killing anyone inside. Due to the fact that the DLC takes ar after the main story, Raven absent being damaged is the canon outcome.

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