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Gaspar Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán, 9th battle each other of Medina Sidonia (1602-1664)

Guzman Surname name Meaning, Origin, History, & EtymologyThis is one old Spanish-Visigoth last surname of unsure origin. One theory says it derives native the Visigoth native guz man, definition “good man”, and hence developed as a nickname for a human being who displayed such traits. A 2nd theory holds the this surname derived from an old Germanic an individual (first) surname that was in used during medieval times. Third, some civilization this is a topographic surname introduce to a human who stayed in or was from the villages of Guzmanes in Burgos, Spain. Part spelling variants or name with similar etymologies encompass Gusman, Gusmao (Portuguese form), Guzaman, Guzmann, Guzzman and also Guarman.

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The earliest recorded bearer that this surname was Rodrigo Munoz de Guzman that was recorded in 1134 AD. He is considered to it is in the progenitor/ancestor the the noble home of Guzman and also was a Castillian magnate and a tenente (tenant-in-chief) in the town of Guzman, Burgous. Follow to Wikipedia, a tenant-in-chief, is a person “who held his soil under various develops of feudal floor tenure directly from the king or ar prince to whom he walk homage”. That married mayor Diaz, daughter that Diego Sanchez (who died at the battle of Ucles) and Enderquina Alvarez.

There was likewise a Catholic saint called Saint Dominic de Guzman (also referred to as Dominic of Osma or Dominic the Caleruega), a Castilian priest who founded the Dominican Order, born in the Kingdom that Castile in 1170 AD.

Saint Dominic (1170-1221 AD)

The only possible Guzman family members motto ns have figured out is Praeferre Patriam Liber Parentem Decet, i beg your pardon when interpreted from Latin to English means: “A free homeland is of better importance 보다 the death of a kinsman“. According to this heraldry blog, “The arms of Melilla room those of the Duchy the Medina Sidonia. The motto recalls the heroic plot of battle each other Guzmán the great (1255-1309) during the siege that Tarifa by Sultan Ibn Yacoub and the well known Infant man (1294): as soon as the besiegers announced they would kill Guzmán’s son, they had actually captured, if the city did no surrender, Guzmán did not surrender yet threw down his dagger come them”.

Popularity & geographic DistributionThe last surname Guzman ranks 230th in popularity in the United condition as that the 2000 Census. This represents very strong growth, together in 1880, it ranked 21,549th. The name ranks particularly high in the complying with six states: California, Nevada, Texas, new York, Illinois, and new Jersey. The surname Guzman is also found in many other nations. The frequency/commonness ranks as follows: Mexico (36th), Colombia (58th), Philippines (58th), Dominican Republic (18th), Nicaragua (105th), Cuba (102nd), Costa Rica (87th), Guatemala (42nd), Chile (48th), Venezuela (68th), Peru (80th), Bolivia (13th), Argentina (79th), Spain (173rd), El Salvador (48th), Ecuador (111th), Honduras (103rd), Panama (173rd), Paraguay (335th), Uruguay (548th), Dominica (96th), and Belize (142nd).

Early American and new World SettlersOther inhabitants in early american America and also the new World bearing this Spanish last name include: Leonor Guzmán (Hispaniola 1560), Diego Guzmán (New Granada 1561), Juan Guzman (Peru 1551), Lucía Guzmán (Nicaragua 1566), Elvira Guzman (Guatemala 1566), Pedro De Guzman (United says 1809), and also Francisco De Guzman (United says 1813).

GranteesWe have actually 3 coats the arms for the Guzman surname portrayed here. These 3 blazons space from Jean Baptiste Rietstap’s publication Armorial General, i beg your pardon was released in 1861. The bottom of this page includes the blazons, and also in plenty of instances includes some historical, geographical, and also genealogical about where coat of arms to be found and also who bore it.

NotablesThere are numerous notable world with the Guzman surname. This web page will mention a handful. Famous world with this last surname include: 1) Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal (1968) that was a mexican singer-songwriter, musician, and also actress indigenous Mexico City whose popular music music had actually sold end 20 million albums, 2) Antonio José Ramón de La Trinidad y María Guzmán Blanco (1829-1899) who was a armed forces leader, statesman, diplomat, and also President the Venezuela from 1870-1877, 3) David Alberto Guzmán Pérez (1990) that was a expert soccer player from mountain Jose, Costa Rica who played from 2009-2017, consisting of a season on the Portland Timbers in the MLS, 4) Domingo Guzman (1975) that was a professional baseball player in the MLB who played from the san Diego Padres from 1999-2000, born in san Cristobal, Dominican Republic, 5) Elizabeth R. Guzmán that is a Peruvian born American political who was elected to the Virginia home of Delegates in 2018, 6) Fernando Guzmán Solórzano (1812-1891) who was the chairman of Nicaragua native 1867 to 1871, 7) Alonso Pérez de Guzmán (1256-1309 AD), also known together Guzma el Bueno, definition Guzman the Good, that was a noble and also Spanish hero during medieval times, and also the founded of the family tree from which the dukes the Medina Sidonia descend*, 8) Ryan Anthony Guzman (1987) that is an American actor from Abilene, Texas who is recognized for his roles in the Step Up film series and the movie The Boy following Door, 9) Don louis Enríquez de Guzmán that was the viceroy of new Spain indigenous 1650-1653 and viceroy of Peru from 1655-1661, and was the Marquis that Villaflor and also the nine Count of Alba de Liste, and also 10) Luisa María Francisca de Guzmán y Sandoval (1613-1666) who was queen consort the Portgual native 1640-1656, the mam of King João IV the Portugal, born in Sanlucar, Spain.

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*While defending the town of Tarifa in 1296 AD, legend has it the his kid was readily available in exchange for the surrender of the town, at which point he threw under his knife because that the adversaries to kill his child with.