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Meaning, Origin, Etymology The surname burgess is acquired from an occupation and also is of Old French (burgeis), Old English (burge(i)s) and also Old Flemish (burgeis) origins, definition inhabitant and freeman that a strengthened town, specifically one v municipal rights and also duties. In Ireland the surname is periodically gaelicized as “Brugha” (de Brugha, de Bury, Burewe, Bru, Bury, Burrows, Burrowes and indirectly Burgess) an interpretation “at the borough” indigenous residence herein. Burgesses usually had tenure of land or buildings from a landlord ‘burgage’ (Latin ‘burgagium’). In medieval England burgage involved the payment of a resolved money rental (as protest to payment in kind); in Scotland it associated payment in service, guarding the town.

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Spelling VariationsBurgess, Burgeis, Burghersh, Burges, Burgesse, Burgar, Bergiss, Bergess, Bargess, Bargeis, Bergeus, Burgeus, Burgeuss, Burgis, Burgise and also Borges

Parkanaur Manor House

Early marital relationship Records because that Burgess  Elizabeth citizen married Ezra Perry married February 12, 1651 in Sandwich, MassachusettsJohn citizen married mar Worden September 8, 1657 in Yarmouth, MassachusettsWilliam citizen married Hannah Stinson might 20, 1684 in Cambridge, MassachusettsThomas citizen married buy it Storrs February 26, 1696 in Barnstable, MassachusettsMary burgess married Francis Traveres January 27, 1699 in Boston, MassachusettsJohn citizen married anne Newton October 8, 1621 in Flixton, Lancashire, EnglandMargery burgess married Tho. Pritchard February 2, 1623 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, EnglandSybilla burgess married wilhelm Shacklet may 17, 1627 in Arborfield, Berkshire, EnglandRobt. Citizen married Eliz. Quince September 21, 1630 in Saint Paul, Bedford, EnglandIsaacke burgess married mar Beecher November 23, 1637 in Chiddingstone, Kent, EnglandRichard citizen married Mary climbed in 1639 in Romsey, Hampshire, EnglandThomas burgess married Jana Marshall July 6, 1639 in St. Michael, Macclesfield, Cheshire, EnglandAlice citizen married Robert Taylour October 11, 1639 in Boughton-Under-Blean, Kent, EnglandRichard burgess married Maria Kniles September 25, 1640 in Topcroft, Norfolk, EnglandSusannah citizen married wilhelm Ranger June 28, 1647 in West Hoathly, Sussex, EnglandAnne burgess married Richard Starre June 18, 1650 in Heathfield, Sussex, EnglandAles burgess married john Thomasone October 9, 1652 in Flixton, Lancashire, EnglandEliz citizen married well-off Hunnux October 1656 in Luton, Bedford, EnglandThomas burgess married Sibbell Grickler august 14, 1658 in West Tarring, Sussex, EnglandJohannes burgess married Anna Crossley January 30, 1661 in Penistone, York, EnglandOliver burgess married Martha Farthing October 29, 1661 in every Saints, southern Lynn, Norfolk, EnglandThomas burgess married Easter Marson June 17, 1665 in queens Cliffe, Northampton, EnglandElizabeth citizen married john Dauerson may 2, 1666 in Saint Benedict, Norwich, Norfolk, EnglandElizabetha citizen married Garretus Cotterell October 23, 1666 in Saint James, Paddington, London, EnglandSarah citizen married Robert Clarke January 16, 1666 in every Saints, southern Lynn, Norfolk, EnglandWilliam burgess married Melony Eveley December 26, 1667 in Tiverton, Devon, EnglandGrace burgess married john Lee June 7, 1669 in every Saints, south Lynn, Norfolk, EnglandSarah burgess married Robart Lumb April 27, 1674 in Darfield, York, EnglandWilliam burgess married Mrs. Mary Goffe September 12, 1676 in Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire, EnglandMary citizen married Laurence Saywell October 11, 1677 in small Wilbraham, Cambridge, EnglandHenry burgess married anne Justine may 21, 1678 in Congham, Norfolk, EnglandJohn citizen married buy it Waghorne June 10, 1678 in Wadhurst, Sussex, EnglandAuthery burgess married Henry Mawrice august 6, 1678 in Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, London, EnglandFrances burgess married thomas Stanley February 2, 1678 in Bebington, Cheshire, EnglandMargaret citizen married man Harold January 14, 1678 in Congham, Norfolk, EnglandMartha citizen married James Barnes February 21, 1679 in Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, EnglandRobert citizen married anne Toes November 27, 1680 in Folkestone, Kent, EnglandJames burgess married mary Cory April 15, 1681 in St Phillip & St Jacobs, Bristol, Gloucester, EnglandMaude burgess married man Mcneer might 2, 1681 in Urchfont, Wiltshire, EnglandMargaret burgess married cutting board Cox January 7, 1682 in Saint James Dukes Place, London, EnglandJames burgess married Ann Hills in 1683 in Saint Michaels, Withyham, Sussex, EnglandElizabeth citizen married wilhelm Hedgecock might 15, 1683 in Kennington, Kent, EnglandTho. Citizen married Eliz. Coxe may 11, 1684 in Saint Katherine by The Tower, London, EnglandWilliam citizen married tranquility Ridlington September 14, 1684 in Babraham, Cambridge, EnglandJames citizen married Elizabeth White January 27, 1686 in St Phillip & St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, EnglandObadiah citizen married Hannah Saunders January 3, 1687 in St Phillip & St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, EnglandJohn citizen married Letitia Harris April 17, 1688 in St Phillip & St Jacobs, Bristol, Gloucester, EnglandRobert burgess married Annie Venn November 5, 1689 in Effingham, Surrey, EnglandElizabeth burgess married cutting board Bishope June 24, 1690 in Lamberhurst, Kent, England

Ynyr Burges (1723-1792)

Popularity & Geographic circulation The last surname ranks 3,304th in popularity an international as the the 2014 Census and approximately 170,411 people lug the surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the adhering to six states: California, Texas, Georgia, phibìc Carolina, Florida, and also South Carolina. It ranks highest possible in the complying with countries: United says (95,395), England (34,760), Australia (14,605), Canada (9,033), new Zealand (3,728), south Africa (2,618).

Early Bearers that SurnameGeoffrey Burgeis, which to be dated 1115, in the “Winton rolfes of Hampshire”Ralph le Burgeis (1195), in the pipe Rolls that SussexPhilip Burges (1220), in the Cartulary the Oseney Abbey, OxfordHawise Burgeys, Bedfordshire, 1273. Hundreds Rolls.Philip Burgers, Oxfordshire, 1273, hundreds RollsJohn le Burges, Southamptonshire, 1273, hundreds RollsThomas Burgeys, Norfolk, 1273, hundreds RollsAdam Burgeys, 1379: Poll taxation of Yorkshire.Johannes Burges, 1379: Poll taxation of Yorkshire.Robert Barges, Norwich, 1519: background of Norfolk.Marriage that Davye Burges come Agnes Taylor on January 27th 1582 at St. Thomas the ApostleEdward Burgis and also Maud Goorde: St. Antholin (London). Married in 1614Symon, son of Alice Burgis: St. James, Clerkenwell. Baptised in 1624Marriage of Robert Parrin citizen to mary Langford ~ above February 10th 1750, at St. Bartholomew the Great

Lady Caroline Burges

History, genealogy & genealogy BURGES the PARKANAURBurges, john Ynyr, Esq. That Parkanaur, co. Tyrone and also Thorpe Hall and East Ham, Essex, J.P. And D.L., High Sheriff co. Tyrone 1829, born January 31, 1798 married march 21, 1833, Lady Caroline Clements younest daughter the Nathaniel the second Earl of Leitrim, K.P., and also by her (who passed away October 12, 1869) had actually issue, 1) Ynyr Henry, M.A., J.P., High Sheriff 1869 born January 31, 1834; married September 7, 1859, Edith the 3rd daughter the the so late Hon. Richard Bootle Wilbraham, and sister that the current Lord Skelmersdale, and also has issue i) Ynyr Richard Patrick born in march 15, 1866 ii) Edith Alice iii) Ethel Margaret iv) Lilian Adela. 2) Charles Skeffington born august 19, 1835; deceased. 3) Clements Keppel died March 1840. 4) Wamphray man Richard Alexander born august 25, 1843; deceased. 5) Mary anne Margaret. 6) Alice Caroline. Mr. Burges flourished to the household estates ~ above the death, in 1838 s.p. The his relative, Margaret, Dowager Countess Poulett daughter and sole heritage of his grand uncle, Ynyr Burges, Esq. Of east Ham, through Margaret his mam the daughter of governor Brown. Mr. Burges then assumed the added arms that Lloyd.Lineage ~ Joseph Burges, Esq. Married 1716 Elizabeth the daughter of Ynyr Lloyd, Esq. Of eastern Ham, Essex and had (with two daughters, Margaret and also Alice, wife of Francis Methold, Esq.) three sons, Joseph died 1746; man of whom hereafer; Ynyr of east Ham married 1792 to Margaret the daughter of governor Brown, by whom he had worry a daughter and heir Margaret married first Sir john Smith Bart., who took the extr surname that Burges, yet d.s.p.; his widow married 2nd July 1816 man the 4th Earl of Poulett, of Hinton St. George, Somerset, however d.s.p. Might 1838 once her kinsman, john Ynyr Burges thrived her in she estates. The second son john Burges, Esq. Married Novemeber 20, 1763, Martha the daughter the Robert Ford, Esq. And also had concern (with two daughters, mar married 1784 George Perry, Esq. The Mullaghmore, co. Tyrone; and Martha married 1787 James Johnston, Esq. The Knappagh, co. Armagh) a son, man Henry Burges, Esq. Of lumber Park, co. Armagh, born July 15, 1768; married 1794 Marianne the eldest daughter and eventually co-heir of sir Richard Johnston, Bart. That Gilford and had issue, 1) man Ynyr that Parkanaur and also East Ham. 2) Richard deceased 3) Margaret anne married July 1815 Lieut-Col. (afterwards Gen.) thomas Charretie that the 2nd Life safety who died January 1866. 4) Matilda passed away November 1805. Arms~ Quarterly 1st and 4th, or, a fess chequy arg. And az., in chief 2 cross crosslets gu., and in basic a spanned cup that the last for Burges; 2nd, paly that cight or and gu., all within a bordure of the 2nd pelletee, for Lloyd; third arg., a saltire sa., top top a cook gu., three cushions or, because that Johnston. Crests~ A dove climbing arg., beaked and membered gu., in its beak a palm-branch ppr., for Burges; a lion rampant gu., langued az., in the dexter paw one annulet, enclosing a fleur-de-lis arg., because that Lloyd. Motto~ Tace aut face. Seats~ east Ham and Thorpe Hall, Ilford, Essex; and Parkanaur, Dungannon, co., Tyrone.

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Abbie Burgess

BURGESS GENEALOGY: MEMORIAL of THE family OF THOMAS and DOROTHY burgess WHO WERE resolved AT SANDWICH, IN THE PLYMOUTH swarm IN 1637. BOSTON: push OF T.R. MARVIN & SON, 42 congress STREET 1865. The origin of the surname of citizen will not admit the controversy. The is a title, civil or official. The inhabitant or representative that a Burgh or Borough is a Burgess. In England, the orthography of the name is fine preserved, both in Church and State, and it may conveniently be traced ago for three or four centuries; but in this country it has actually been corrupted right into Burghess, Burges, Burgis, Borgis, Burge, Burg. The genealogical line of cutting board in England and also the date of his migration to this country, cannot however be ascertained with complete confidence. It appears that he arrived in Salem v a young family members not much from 1630, and also lodged for a time in ~ Lynn. A ar of land to be assigned come him, in that component of Plymouth contact Duxbury; July 3, 1637. This section of land, being forfeited through his removal to Sandwich in the very same year, was assigned come Nicholas Robbins, November 5, 1638, who made to the previous occupant some remuneration because that fences and culture. In the negotiation of Sandwich, Thomas burgess became connected with Edmund Freeman, Henry Feake, Richard Chadwell, william Almy, cutting board Tupper, wilhelm Wood, Edward Dillingham, john Carman, George Knott, and also Thomas Dexter, “He was,” claims Dr. Savage, “a chief man of them.” In the church, describe in 1638, under the pastoral care of william Leverich he to be an original member. In procedure of time he became a big landholder, and with advancing age he was referred to as Goodman Burgess. He served the town in every office, humble or honorable, from road-surveyor come deputy to the Court at Plymouth, for numerous successive years. Over there is a charm in the reality that the patriarchal estate has never been alienated from the family. Benjamin, – the founder the the commercial house of Benjamin citizen & Sons, Boston, a lineal descendant the the sixth generation, held it in his possession, and in 1864, could allude out the old cellar in which thomas stored his fruits, and also the bubbling fountain indigenous which that drank for forty-eight years, dying, February 13, 1685, aged 82 years. His grave to be honored through a huge slab, imported indigenous England. “This to be the just monument,” states Amos Otis, Esq. “set up for any pilgrim of the an initial generation.” Dorothy his wife passed away February 27, 1687. The progeny of Thomas citizen thousands in number are distributed from Maine to California. They room chiefly devoted, as it need to be, come agriculture. Plenty of navigate the seas. Some space employed in the mechanic arts,and rather are found in the medical, clerical and also legal professions. Together a race, they hold fast their ethical and religious integrity. But some do not so far appreciate their alliance to the Puritan Pilgrim of the Old Colony, regarding send forward their names to it is in enrolled in this records. Together may uncover their curiosity stimulated, to map out your genealogy an ext privately by the assist of a couple of direct lines of descent, from 1st to the 7th generations. Second Generation: Thomas burgess (2) the eldest boy of cutting board the Pilgrim, to be enrolled to bear eight in 1648 when probably 16 year old. He offered the city as constable in 1654. That subscribed to fix the conference house and to assistance the minister in 1657. In 1661 the left the Plymouth Colony, and removed to Newport. He to be admitted a freeman in the Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and also served a grand juror in 1667. His an initial wife was Elizabeth the daughter of wilhelm Bassett, whom he married November 8, 1648. His 2nd wife was Lydia, the daughter that Peter Gaunt, by who he had actually one son, and also probably other children. Thomas (3) born 1668. John burgess the second son of cutting board was admitted a freeman in 1657, and served as cool juror in 1661. He beforehand removed to Yarmouth, and was deputy indigenous that city to the Court at Plymouth in 1680. That married Mary, the daughter of Peter Worden, September 8, 1657, and also had a big family. He died 1701 his mam in 1723. Their children: 7) john 8) cutting board 9) Joseph 10) Samuel 11) Jacob 12) Martha married Samuel Storrs. 13) Patience married – Nye. 14) Mercy married – Winslow. 15) mar married – Ellis. 16) Sarah. Elizabeth citizen the daughter of thomas (1) married Ezra Perry, February 12, 1652 and also died September 26, 1717 age 88 yrs. In the will of thomas in 1685 he is dubbed “my son”, and is appointed on the the Executors. Their children: 17) Ezra born February 11, 1653 18) Deborah born November 28, 1654 19) man born January 1, 1657. 20) Samuel born march 15, 1667. 21) Benjamin born January 16, 1670. 22) Remembrance born January 1, 1676. The family by the surname of Perry ended up being very huge in southerly Massachusetts, along the Atlantic border. The navy officer, Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who did so much honor to his country, was a lineal descendant the Edward, that Sandwich, most likely a brother of Ezra. (4) Jacob burgess the third son that Thomas aided to fix the meeting home in 1644, and was at an early stage a member of the church. He served the town for countless years in the subordinate offices of surveyor, constable and also grand juror. He take it the oath the allegiance in 1657. That inherited, in behalf of his son Thomas the paternal estate in Sandwich, if the other brothers removed, cutting board to Newport, man to Yarmouth, and Joseph to Rochester. That was among the Executors that his father’s will. The married mar the daughter that Benjamin Nye top top June 1, 1670 who died June 23, 1706. He died March 17, 1719. Your children: 23) Samuel born march 8, 1671. 24) Ebenezer born October 2, 1673. 25) Jacob born October 18, 1676. 26) thomas born march 1680. 27) Benjamin passed away at Martha’s Vineyard 1753. 28) mar married Christopher Gifford, of Conway. This cutting board was a boy of four years, when the grandfather made his Will, and entailed come him the old homestead, both in honor of his name and also to perpetuate the heritage in the family. Vain are person plans. Having no masculine heir surviving he made up Zaccheus, the eldest kid of his brother Jacob, as his true and lawful heir, offering him a deed of the homestead, date February 18, 1754. (5) Joseph burgess the 4th son of thomas was a landholder in Sandwich in 1658. He to be fined for marketing liquor come the indians in 1659. He to be employed come drill the cavalry firm in 1660. He to be authorized to look abroad for floor in 1667. He sold out his residential property in Sandwich come Richard Bourne in 1677, and also removed come Rochester; which town he stood for in the Court at Plymouth in 1689. He passed away in respectable 1695. Patience his mam was the Executrix of his Will, v Jacob, that Sandwich, as her counsellor, and the guardian of her sons throughout their minority. Your children: 29) Rebecca born January 17, 1667 who married – Ross. 30) Dorothy born November 12, 1670 who married – Clifton. 31) Joseph born November 18, 1673 (died in childhood) 32) Benjamin born might 5, 1681. 33) Ichabod born 1684. As Joseph is not known in his father’s Will, it should be assumed that he passed away in childhood before the father’s death; and also as that does not appear that Ichabod was ever developed in a family, (and there are some evidences come the contrary,) the totality hope of Joseph’s household in the male line concentrates in Benjamin who married Priscilla -, and also had four sons and five daughters. This Joseph go not survive to the age of his father and also brethren. No one is the so simple to discover the branches that his posterity in the subsequent generations. Third Generation: The old family members cradle the Thomas citizen was rocked near the sea-side. The bay was spread out out in complete view, and also the roar that the surf to be heard in every tempest. His athletic sons, early on accustomed to adventure in the fisheries, and also poorly rewarded by a sterile soil for occupational on the land, were regularly allured to look for their happiness on the treacherous ocean. Numerous of them have actually been simple mariners, and also not a few of the brave leaders of ships. No pen has detailed down the variety of the lost, and also no significant stones show their resting place. In part instances, father and also son, or two brothers, have actually fallen victim in the exact same disaster. Death has followed hardship and danger. In vain, worried hearts have throbbed, and tears have easily flowed. The husband, the brother, the son, did no return. Where space so many wives made windows, and so many youngsters fatherless, as along our naval borders? how marvellous is the Christian doctrine, so contrary to our herbal sense, “The sea shall give up the dead that are in it.” The s cemetery has actually no inclosing wall, and also no names and also inscribed ~ above its rocks. Every descendant of cutting board may know that numerous of his kindred sleep in tombs invisible and also unvisited, about which the waves and storms chaunt a requiem. In this connection it is thankful to recognize that muchis done to improve the problem of mariners. There are Sailors’ Homes, Mariners’ Chapels, Libraries and also Saving Institutions, besides the light House, the Life Boat and also other apparatus. The military element, too, has actually been strongly developed. The surname in England inherits eleven distinctive heraldic emblems, or coats of armor. Thomas and his young participated in the Indian conflicts. The patriotic fire melted in the souls of their descendants in the French war and also in the Revolutionary struggle. Some dropped in battle, and others died in the military camp and in the jail ship. Those who survived to return home, laid increase in their houses the memorials of past danger and deliverance. The writer of these sentences, when a child, review with wonder the old parchment commissions to his father’s, v rich seals and signatures, and handled proudly your belts and also swords placing on their wigs and three-cornered hats. (6) Thomas citizen of little Compton, grandson of thomas the Pilgrim of Sandwich to be born in 1668 and died July 1, 1743. The married in 1691, Esther -, that was born in 1669, and died November 12, 1706. Your children: 34) Edward born 1692. 35) Deborah born 1694 married Jeremiah Brownell died July 1779. 36) Esther born 1696. 37) Lydia born 1700 married – Collins. He married again October 24, 1707, Martha Closson who was born august 20, 1684. 38) Joseph born august 6, 1708. 39) man born January 10, 1711. 40) mar born September 18, 1712 married john Wood. 41) cutting board born may 25, 1714 passed away May 19, 1792. 42) Martha born march 28, 1716 passed away an infant. 43) Jacob born November 11, 1717 passed away September 18, 1768. The married a 3rd wife, Patience -, in 1721. 44) Mercy born February 22, 1722 married Joseph Thurston. 45) Rebecca born June 1725. 46) Martha born April 1727. 27) Nathaniel born might 1720. (7) John burgess eldest kid of John and also Mary Worden, that Yarmouth, grandson of Thomas and Dorothy of Sandwich married sarah Nickerson the daughter the Nicholas, that was born 1674 died February 4, 1723. Your children: 48) mar born December 24, 1695 married Einathan Ellis march 2, 1716. 49) Elizabeth born October 12, 1697 married Prince Wixon April 1, 1720. 50) Joseph born July 9, 1699. 51) Benjamin born might 3, 1701. 52) Samuel born February 3, 1703. 53) Ezekiel born august 9, 1705. 54) Thankful born June 7, 1708 married john Blossom April 6, 1727. 55) born October 1710. (8) Thomas burgess the 2nd son the John and Mary Wordon the Yarmouth married sarah Storrs of Barnstable February 26, 1696. He removed with his family to Windham Co., Connecticut. Your children: 56) mary born November 27, 1696 married Ebenezer Babcock October 9, 1722. 57) cutting board born respectable 8, 1698. 58) Hannah born may 2, 1701. 59) Martha born February 15, 1703 passed away February 9, 1718. 60) sarah born January 4, 1705. 61) Thankful born January 10, 1707 married Daniel Cole September 19, 1728. 62) Ebenezer born June 13, 1709. 63) Matthias born in march 4, 1711 64) David born respectable 23, 1713. (9) Joseph citizen the third son the John and also Mary Worden of Yarmouth, married Thomasine Bangs, the daughter the Jonathan and also Mary that Harwich, who was born 1678. This Joseph and also Thomasine, with Joseph Jr. And his wife Thankful -, were among the at an early stage members who constituted the 2nd or east Church in Yarmouth august 6, 1727. Rebecca Bangs, sister the Thomasine married Jonathan sparrow. Their Children: 65) Joseph born February 26, 1701 66) Lydia born may 2, 1704 married Jonathan Luce April 14, 1724. 67) john born April 5, 1706. 68) Jonathan born may 5, 1708 69) Mercy born January 1, 1712 married Judah Baker February 15, 1729. 70) remember born June 21, 1716. 71) Simeon – (10) Samuel citizen the fourth son of John and also Mary Worden of Yarmouth married Elizabeth – . Your children: 72) Samuel born December 9, 1704 73) Patience born September 16, 1706 married Nicholas Cartwright February 1730. 74) Elizabeth born in march 30, 1708. 75) Abigail born September 5, 1710 married Stephen Sears April 1733 76) Jacob born October 10, 1712 77) remember born June 23, 1714 married Israel Cole Jr. 1737. 78) cutting board born June 7, 1721 79) Martha born September 23, 1723. 80) Keziah bapt. November 12, 1727 married Sylvanus Harding might 10, 1744. (11) Jacob burgess son of mar Worden of Yarmouth was Executor to the will of thomas his brother in 1721. He became a member that the 2nd Church in Yarmouth June 29, 1735. No domestic records are found, yet his tombstone stands in West Brewster, date August 15, 1772 age 92 years. Sarah his wife passed away April 17, 1765 aged 84 years. Their children: 81) Jacob and others. A doubt exists whether this Jacob, who became “Old Dea. Jacob,” the Lanesborough, was the kid of Jacob or that Samuel. Jacob, sen., in his will, provides no acknowledgment of any child, but gave his residential or commercial property wholly to William, “a kinsman”, who took the care of him and his mam in your old age. In answer, it may be stated that no coach, car or mail, was then established between Lanesborough and also Barnstable County; and, further, it may be presumed the his residential or commercial property was fully exhausted in his board and apparel to the development age the 92 years. ~ above the other hand, our Jacob is thrice dubbed junior, in the document of his admission to the 2nd Church in Yarmouth, in his marital relationship with Ruth Wood, and in his letter of transfer to the church in Middisborough. Together we think that “junior” was used only to a son in the old records, otherwise second or 3rd was supplied to designate one of the very same name, this evidence is almost conclusive.