Kenny Chesney loser his island home – see the before and after photos

Many the us can only dream about the devastation a hurricane have the right to have on ours home, when others have to live through it. Gift rich and famous doesn’t protect against the weather native affecting your life, and also country music legend Kenny Chesney found that the end firsthand.

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Kenny Chesney’s high-end Caribbean house in the island the St. John, component of the Virgin Islands, was devastated by Hurricane Irma in 2017, and also it left its mark on the star’s home. Simply imagine the impact that had actually on him.

Taking a direct hit

In the past, Chesney has never been afraid to show his love because that the beach. He’s frequently pictured hanging the end by the sand or on the water, so once he made enough money, he made his dream come true. He bought himself this amazing house to live in and also soak up the sun.

Before the storm came along and also destroyed the house, this is what the main room was like. The doors and also windows opened up right the end onto the pool area, which enabled Chesney to carry himself to coast life in an instant.

Luxurious interior

When he checked out the island, this was where Chesney could take time to unwind with a book or a film prior to heading the end to the pool area. The room is spacious, for this reason Chesney to be able to hold parties both inside and out in ~ his retreat in St. John.

This wasn’t Kenny’s first home in the paradise of St. John. Kenny has a certain affinity towards this island situated in the Caribbean Sea. Earlier in 2010, one of Kenny’s previous properties was noted for sale, and allegedly he had actually sold properties on the island even before that!

Not his first rodeo

Apparently, Kenny want a readjust of scenery, yet not also drastic! about St. John there space plenty of remarkable views, and also perhaps Kenny was simply ready to wake up up in the morning and also see other different.

For example, if Chesney didn’t feel like hanging the end inside his luxurious mansion in ~ all, there was somewhere he might go that would guarantee his troubles disappeared. His backyard was basically an idyllic island paradise, so he could just bring a hammock down to the sand and listen come the waves as he rocked himself to sleep.

His backyard

It’s a far cry native the hustle and bustle of the music industry and also the perfect getaway for Chesney to unwind from being on the roadway all the time.

Chesney to be fortunate enough to be away from his home when Hurricane Irma reached the Virgin Islands, yet some that his friends to be there. The country music star thought that since his home had been developed with rock and storm-proof windows…


…His friends might seek sanctuary native the storm. A video clip emerged on social media of human being hiding the end in Chesney’s residence as the trees outside were practically doubled over. Chesney stated that the people sheltering in his residence were may be to find a stable closet to hide in.

In fact, not only were people hiding in the closet that Kenny’s house to avoid the storm, however there were human being in the basement as well. All in all, follow to Kenny, there to be a full of 17 people seeking shelter from the storm in his house!

A full house

Moreover, several of those people lugged their dogs with them, for this reason it’s safe to say the Kenny’s home was protecting end 20 lives. If Kenny’s home was absolutely beautiful, it also became extremely functional together well.

It was just as well that the civilization hiding from the storm in Chesney’s home were able to uncover something solid to defend them. When Hurricane Irma had actually passed v the Virgin Islands, over there wasn’t lot left standing.


That consists of Chesney’s house, which had actually basically to be flattened by the raging weather. Once asked about the damages Chesney claimed it to be “biblical in nature,” and that his house was “just simply gone.” in spite of his hopes that his house was storm-proof, Hurricane Irma was just too strong.

Unfortunately for Chesney, his dream home on an island wouldn’t critical forever together Hurricane Irma had other ideas. Irma was among the strongest storms come hit the joined States and also the Caribbean in years as the category 5 storm ravaged people’s lives.

Hurricane Irma

Over 100 people lost their lives because of the storm from areas all over the region. Mainland United states was likewise hit by the storm as parts of Florida had to it is in shut down while Hurricane Irma was raging.

Of course, Chesney would have been sad the his residence was no longer standing, but he had much more pressing pertains to once that learned the storm hit. Chesney claims he feels a link to the human being who live on the Virgin Islands.

Not caring around the house

The country singer trust the place and people there mean much more to him than his house ever could. Points looked negative enough native the security of the mainland, but when Chesney obtained out to where his home had actually stood, the knew he required to do something.

In the aftermath, Chesney vowed to do every little thing he can to aid the community try to rebuild. He created a foundation called Love for Love City, which solely aimed at getting St. John back on that is feet again. The star welcomed donations, yet that was simply the beginning.


Chesney wanted to assist the people living in St. John and also the Virgin archipelago to fully rebuild. The singer wanted to uncover a means to relieve some of the tension that human being were going with in the wake up of Hurricane Irma.

If Kenny was going to usage his communication to execute some an excellent for the services of St. John, it would average he would have actually to carry himself come the head of the media. This was especially difficult for him come do, due to the fact that typically Kenny likes to save his personal life quiet.

A awkward guy

Nevertheless, Kenny interpreted that this was no time come care about his privacy. Kenny stated that over there were human being in desperate need of his help, and so he would certainly do whatever he can to help them.

Chesney wanted to make sure as many world as possible knew how badly fight the Virgin Islands had actually been after Hurricane Irma. He did whatever feasible to draw attention and also took come the news station to do his structure known about.

Raising awareness

Whatever money he can raise was going to aid the world who lived on the islands, no issue how big or little the quantity was. The area is quiet recovering native the devastation led to by Hurricane Irma, and also the impacts are still apparent on the islands.

For years Chesney had owned properties in St. John, however right after ~ the storm he claimed he felt helpless. Chesney claimed he had actually never to be to war, but he could feel the complete devastation that had been left by the hurricane.


As Chesney approached the island by helicopter, he claimed he couldn’t avoid himself from weeping. The devastation was just too lot for him come handle, and also he felt as though his heart damaged seeing how countless people’s lives had actually been destroyed.

That’s when Chesney determined he wouldn’t simply throw money at the situation, he was going to assist rebuild the neighborhood personally. Not only did he release an album title ‘Songs because that the Saints,’ but Chesney acquired his hand dirty in rebuilding.

Lending a hand

The singer obtained stuck in and helped clear out fallen buildings. He put his helicopter to good use and said as quickly as he was cleared to land, he to be flying provides “three or 4 times every week.”

Chesney defined that the spent numerous years top top the island before he ever became famous. He states he has countless friends ~ above the island who knew him prior to he had actually all the fame and money. Those friends are so close to Chesney he even considers them favor family.

Born on the beach

That’s why he to be so willing to let them hide the end in his residence when news of Hurricane Irma heading in your direction broke. The easy-going way of living seemed to fit Chesney well, and also it’s a location he stop dear in his heart.

It wasn’t simply the world of St. John that were impacted by the storm, over there were many animals also struggling as result of the damages caused. Chesney shown that simply days after Irma came with St. John, his dog Cookie happen away.

Saving dogs

She to be 18 and also had live her entire life top top the island, however Chesney want to aid as many animals as possible. Chesney feel the island to be no ar for dogs because that a while and also helped relocate over 1,400 dog to the mainland come find brand-new loving homes.

Kenny had actually spent quite a number of years getting to recognize the people of St. John throughout the times that he stayed there for vacation. Nevertheless, the quantity of time and also energy that he put into fixing the ar after it had actually been for this reason destructed by the hurricane really installed Kenny even further into the community.

Kenny’s new family

By help the locals get access to supplies, conserving their animals, and rebuilding your homes, Kenny totally asserted he to be committed come the island – official a member that the St. John family.

There yes, really wasn’t much left that Chesney’s residence in St. John. ~ the country star had helped as many world as possible on the Virgin Islands, that turned his attention to his own home. Every component of the home seemingly came down, and the only thing left was the foundations.

Sitting top top the foundations

This is where Chesney took part time to reflect on every little thing that had happened, not just to his home, yet to the people who lived v the destructive storm.

Although this Chesney property was in St. John, it’s no the only one that has. Chesney to be safe and also sound at his house in Franklin, Nashville as soon as Hurricane Irma devastated parts of the united States and the Caribbean.

Safe in Nashville

Here he can come up with a plan of activity to try and obtain to St. John as shortly as possible. Chesney want to leaving Nashville as shortly as feasible to acquire to St. John however was said he had to wait until the runways to be cleared of debris.

Judging through the images of the bathroom in Chesney’s Nashville mansion, he was at the very least able to be an extremely comfortable during Hurricane Irma. The singer may have been as well preoccupied to gain the high-end of his Nashville house though as he worried about his friend on the Virgin Islands.

Life of luxury

Chesney knew his friends to be hiding out in his home, yet for six days, he didn’t hear a thing from them. The power lines had gone out, and also Chesney had actually no means of checking if they to be alright.

That Franklin house isn’t the just property Chesney has had in Nashville over the years, and this water-front house was wherein he lived first. The home available amazing views of the water, however reports asserted that that was vulnerable to flooding.

Another Nashville spot

Flooding to be so bad in this area the Chesney’s publicist thought this home would at some point be condemned. The water level had reached beyond the soil floor, and also this was perhaps the very first house Chesney shed to mom Nature.

Although it there is no been evidenced by Chesney, there room reports saying the nation star has bought self a brand-new home in Malibu. Normally it is close to the water, and also in fact, it seems to earlier right top top the beach.

New home in Malibu?

We understand that Chesney loves the beach, for this reason this clues seems like the perfect vacation house for him currently that his St. John house is gone. That not recognized yet whether Chesney will shot to rebuild the home he once had actually in the Virgin Islands, or even if it is he’ll move on.

Although Chesney has actually had many properties in the past, the one place he truly feels at house is on the stage. This is whereby he’s at his best, law his thing and also entertaining hundreds of adoring pan in arenas.

Born to perform

People love the country star, and also his popularity just seems come be getting bigger and also bigger the longer his job goes on. His ‘good vibes’ feeling is perhaps finest summed increase by his album ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem,’ as he seems to totally embrace beach life.

In 2014 Kenny Chesney take it his love of the beach to a new level once he threw a substantial beach party top top the Florida-Alabama border. That estimated about 40,000 human being showed up to the event, making it one of the most well-known beach occasions ever thrown.

Surprise performance

People camped out overnight to watch the star perform some of his biggest hits, and also they weren’t disappointed. The ideal thing about the concert was the it was completely totally free for every one of the people who verified up.

After Hurricane Irma hit, the whole island of St. Johns looked choose it to be some type of post-apocalyptic world. Kenny Chesney had no possibility of returning to his residence for a vacation any type of time soon, no that he really want to.


Instead, he focused all his initiatives on helping the community where his home once stood to rebuild. His key goal was to aid the people and the dog first, then he would worry around his damaged home ~ that.

The work to carry St. Man and all of the Virgin Islands ago to their former glory continues in the results of Hurricane Irma. Some homes are still relying top top blue tarp to keep the rain from gaining in together the rebuilding procedure drags on.

The occupational continues

Despite Chesney’s finest efforts, the islands are still struggling to go back to their previous glory. His vacation residence was flattened, but luckily because that the singer, he has others he can live in. The exact same cannot be stated for those who contact these islands their long-term homes.

Since the terrible hurricane took place, Chesney has actually on occasion been asked if he suffers native survivor’s guilt. And also that is a little bit of a tricky question to answer because that him.

Survivor’s guilt?

Survivor’s guilt is the psychological term supplied to describe feelings that guilt survivors of accidents or plot of violence deserve to feel – simply because they survived, and also others didn’t. Chesney has actually admitted he has felt this to a certain degree, but also knows the just option he has is relocating forward.

Chesney mostly felt guilty end not having actually been ~ above the island together the hurricane took place. That wasn’t there, fighting through it, choose so many other who live on, and love, the island just as that does.

Not being there

But girlfriend can’t readjust the past, and he is aware he is also very fortunate to have actually been pardon the terror that riding out a hurricane. These storms could look cool ~ above film, but the fact is something rather entirely.

St. John and also the whole Caribbean has slowly however surely began returning to its former glory, which is in big part many thanks to Chesney’s Love because that Love City, and other similar initiatives.

New threats

But he completely realizes it will certainly take more than a couple of years till the areas are totally restored and healed native the traumatic events. And also what’s additionally nerve-wracking is over there are constantly the feasible threats of new hurricanes pull close the islands, come wreck brand-new havoc.

The two-year-anniversary of Hurricane Irma has just come and also gone, however for Chesney and also other island inhabitants, those terrible days always feel close. The apocalyptic fact everyone woke up to is no something that’s easy to forget.

Second anniversary

And there is continuous the risk of brand-new hurricanes arriving, destroying the substantial progress that has been made since Irma happen by. But if there’s one humbling lesson Chesney learned from the hurricane, it’s to worth community and never give up hope.

Say what girlfriend want around disasters – lock do carry people together, and despite the trauma and sadness, bring out the beast in every other. That’s exactly what Chesney learned through all his difficult work with the volunteer in Love for Love City, and also he continues to be grateful for the lesson.

New endeavors

And – he proceeds to pour his heart and soul into his music. He created his most recent solitary Tip Of my Tongue through a new pal the his in the music industry, Ed Sheeran.

Kenny simply finished his 2019 music tour, and also is absolutely in require a vacation. V no reports indicating the he has developed a new vacation house for himself in St. John, Kenny has undoubtably uncovered himself a brand-new vacation point out for the time being.

Not gone because that long

While over there are more important things for Kenny to attain in St. John right now, such as rebuilding the infrastructure, us are particular that in no time at all, Kenny will certainly be in the ar he call his 2nd home.

Finishing the 2019 tour, Chesney’s fellow singer Caroline Jones, that joined him on stage a couple of times, has actually nothing but positive things to say around the man. It appears that both on and off phase Kenny keeps the good vibes about him, and everyone deserve to feel that.

Instagram: Kenny Chesney

Jones said in a recent interview the Kenny’s “consistent energy” was incredibly inspiring to her. She said one could really see, looking indigenous the side, “how difficult he works behind the scenes.” She complimented the further, saying the he’s “one the the best performers ever before seen.”

The occasions following Hurricane Irma were explained by Chesney in a 2018 interview as “a chaotic time because that everyone.” In bespeak to figure out something inside all this chaos, Chesney apparently started composing the songs for his current album.

‘Get that out’

He stated he just had to “get that out,” allow “whatever to be in below out,” when pointing at his heart. According to the singer, that didn’t plan on do the record at all, in the very first place. The storm “lit a fire” in his heart and also soul, which gained him to begin writing.

He felt the the songs in songs to the Saints were part of the healing process in the after-effects of the events. While recording the album in the studio, he kept thinking around what the people suffering the occasion deserve and also what he desires them to get with the songs.

Part that the heal process

He said that “it to be so important” to him the these songs will certainly be component of the “healing that they deserve.” He post on his social media account the interview, followed by warm appreciative comments from followers, speak he is an ideas to everyone.

In one more interview about the song from songs to the Saints, he explained the meaningful civilization in his life. He admitted the the line “what an excellent is living a life if every you execute is stand in one place,” brought him ago to the moment he relocated a lot, and the fateful decision to move to St. John.

Heart large open

He claimed that earlier then, his heart was “wide open” come meeting new people and let castle in, other which could not have actually happened had actually he excellent it more recently, “due to the nature” the his lifestyle. In the end, he was able to surround himself with some good people, through whom the felt prefer he belonged.

Ironically enough, one of his late may 2019 reflects was delayed due to a storm. For 15 minutes, the stadion was dark and only quiet chants that “Kenny” sounded about it. But Chesney being Chesney, didn’t disappointed his expectant fans.

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The love the his fans

He came out on stage with his wild energy and also amazing vibes, apologized briefly because that “the delay” and delivered 100 percent, like just he knows how. Since despite whatever he go through, Kenny knows the love of his fans is part of his healing, too.

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