Seattle is a city the neighborhoods and also each has its very own personality and also devotedfans. West Seattle is one together district wherein you"ll uncover residents who space passionate proponents for the area. The does, after ~ all, have all the amenities vital for comfortable metropolitan living: good parks, bustling shops, and also quiet residential streets. If you"re thinking about living in West Seattle, or maybe just popping over because that a visit, review on for a outline on the area and what renders it distinctly its own.

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1.A community of Micro-Neighborhoods

West Seattle includes the totality peninsula located southwest that downtown Seattle. It is bordered through Puget Sound to the north and west and also by the Duwamish flow on the east. Accessing the area indigenous downtown is a issue of hopping on the West Seattle Bridge and also driving end the Duwamish Waterway.

While West Seattle is a much-loved place to call home, it’s such a big area that it isn’t so much of a ar as that is a ar of smaller sized neighborhoods. Newcomer may uncover this confusing because Seattle’s neighborhood boundaries are often unofficial and loosely defined. Locations get popular through grassroots efforts from residents and business owners who take pride in their neighborhood, as opposed come territories drawn by city government. Several of the micro-neighborhoods of West Seattle incorporate North Admiral, Fauntleroy, and Delridge.

2.Where it every Started

When settlers first arrived in the Puget Sound an ar in 1851, they arrived on West Seattle’s Alki Beach. The Denny Party had grand visions because that this place, hope it would certainly someday become the brand-new York of the West. They called it “New York Alki” – Alki gift the Chinook word for “by and also by.”But coast weather can be harsh throughout the winter, and also when the ladies of the party arrived at Alki castle were claimed to have actually sat under on a log and also cried!

The negotiation was conveniently moved inland to current day Pioneer Square, but West Seattle eventually grew and also became linked to Seattle in 1907. To this day, some inhabitants still resent being affiliated through Seattle and have endangered to secede as recently as the 1990s! Today, Alki is known for the sandy beach wherein rollerblading, sunlight tanning, and also people watching is highly recommended. But if you look closely, over there is a pylon ~ above the beach marking where the Denny Party an initial landed.

3.Boatloads of Boats

Life’s a beach, go sailing! The Washington State department of transportation operates a ferry terminal in West Seattle’s Fauntleroy neighborhood. Plan a job trip and hop on a ferry traveling to Vashon Island or Southworth. Commuting downtown? Skip the driveand take it a 10- to 15-minute journey on the King county Water Taxi indigenous West Seattle’s Seacrest Dock.

4.Where Locals go for Everything

West Seattle may seem slightly gotten rid of from the city, yet that’s just part of the appeal because that residents. Every the amenities space here, however it’s very livable with a “small town vibe.”(Think bustle, no as lot hustle.) besides Alki coast (see above), inspect out these other West Seattle hotspots:

5.Famous Residents

A grasp of celebrities are well-known to call West Seattle home. This is the quick list of well known residents, past and also current:

Eddie Vedder, listed rock star indigenous the band Pearl JamFrances Farmer, effective Hollywood actress in the 1930sDyan Cannon, television and film actress active since the 1960sArt Wolfe, internationally known wildlife photographer and conservationistIvar Haglund, folk singer and founder of regional seafood restaurant chain Ivar’s

Whether you’re brand-new to Seattle or a longtime Seattleite feather to placed down new roots, West Seattle has actually much to offer inurban comfort and livability thanks to its coast access, active shopping districts, fantastic parks, and much more. All set to do the move to West Seattle? check out our communities page to view what properties we have accessible in this terrific neighborhood!

Featured Photo: check out of West Seattle spring east and also slightly north. Alki suggest is in the foreground anddowntown Seattle is in the background. Ships room seen traversing Elliott only midground. Picture credit Michael Brophy.

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In-Article Photo: Duwamish Head in between Eastern Coast and Alki beach in West Seattle. Picture Credit Adbar.