even if it is they remained around and grew up in the 2-1-0 or moved on external of the Alamo City, these celebrities were every born right right here in mountain Antonio.

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Steve HoweyShameless and Reba actor Steve Howey to be born in mountain Antonio in 1977, yet his household didn’t stick approximately for long. Believe it or not, yet Howey actually spent most of his childhood top top a watercraft his parents sailed up and also down the Pacific Coast. Howey’s family cleared up down in Colorado when he was a teenager, however at the very least we deserve to still case him.Photo via Netflix / Shameless

Henry Thomas
Before his breakout duty as Elliott in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, actor Henry thomas was born in SA in 1971. Still, he kept some feeling of normalcy and graduated from East main HS and later Blinn College. Thomas at some point returned to acting, recently appearing in The Haunting the Hill House.Photo via Netflix / The Haunting that Hill residence

Michelle Rodriguez
Badass Michelle Rodriguez made her debut in san Antonio in 1978 and also has been kicking ass since. She stayed in Texas till she was eight year old, at some point moving to the Dominican Republic and later Puerto Rico, whereby he was initially from. She’s well-known for The fast & the Furious and Machete franchises, and also TV roles prefer Lost.Photo via Netflix / Blue like

Jared Padalecki
Known and adored for his roles on Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, Jared Padalecki is a proud Texas boy. He was born in the Alamo City in 1982, yet left after graduating native Madison HS to pursue his career. Today, he resides in Austin.Photo via Netflix / superordinary

ally Brooke
Fifth Harmony singer allied Brooke was born Allyson Brooke Hernandez in mountain Antonio ago in 1993. She to visit Cornerstone Christian elementary School and also eventually got her diploma while being home-schooled.Photo via Instagram / allybrooke
Jonathan Joss
Jonathan Joss is pretty damn san Anto, born below in 1965 together Jonathan Gonzales. The Spanish, Comanche and White mountain Apache descent, Joss attend McCollum High School and attended Texas State before leaving the university and also finishing his studies at our Lady of the Lake. And also how is the famous? the voiced man Redcorn on King the the Hill and portrayed chief Ken Hotate ~ above Parks and also Recreation.Photo via Netflix / Parks and Recreation
Ricardo Chavira
Born in san Antonio in 1971, Ricardo Antonio Chavira i graduated from LEE High School ago when it to be Robert E. Lee and later to visit the college of the Incarnate Word. He ultimately left the 2-1-0 and is ideal known together Carlos Solis on desperate Housewives. An ext recently, he’s appeared in jane the Virgin and also Scandal.Photo via Netflix / Scandal
Bruce McGill
Yep, this male is from mountain Antonio. Actor Bruce mcgill was born here earlier in 1950 and even graduated from MacArthur HS, later on attending the college of Texas in ~ Austin. And you without doubt recognize that from animal House, Rizzoli & Isles, MacGyver and so lot more.Photo via Amazon prime / Suits
James Roday
Born James Rodriguez in 1976, the mountain Antonio indigenous ditched his Latino surname however is quiet forever tied to the Alamo City (and his previous high school – Taft). The actor is ideal known because that his lead duty on Psych.Photo via Amazon element / Psych
Jesse Borrego
This Harlandale HS graduate was born in 1962, and still resides in mountain Antonio today. He acquired his break once for his duty on Fame, yet is likewise known for appearing in Blood In, Blood Out, Dexter, American Crime, and Fear the walking Dead.Photo via Netflix / Dexter
Emilio Rivera
Back in 1961, actor Emilio Rivera was born in san Anto. He later on moved come the suburbs of Los Angeles, where he flourished up. Still, it’s pretty cool that an actor recognized for roles in sons of Anarchy and Hand the God.Photo via Netflix / boy of Anarchy
Elizabeth Chambers
Actress and wife of Armie Hammer may be tied to the glamour that Hollywood, but she tho holds onto her ties come SA. Born here in 1982, Chambers moved away as a toddler yet still hold onto her ties to SA together she own Bird Bakery.Photo via Instagram / elizabethchambers
Carol Burnett
Born in san Antonio in 1933, Carol Burnett lived on the West Side and also attended Crockett Elementary until she was 7 years old. She moved to Los Angeles through her grandmother, and gained fame for her an extremely own The Carol Burnett Show, Mama’s Family and Annie.Photo via Netflix / A tiny Help with Carol Burnett
Summer Glau
Actress Summer Glau has been repping SA because being born below in 1981. As result of her scholarship come a ballet academy, she to be homeschooled to accommodate her training. She eventually had an injury that finished her run career and inspired her to follow acting. She’s well-known for Arrow, Terminator: The sarah Connor Chronicles and more.Photo via Netflix / arrow
Gil Birmingham
As among those gibbs you recognize but never bothered to learn much more about, hopefully you think that cool that actor Gil Birmingham to be born in san Antonio. He shown Billy black color in Twilight and also Virgil White in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and is in reality of legit Comanche ancestry. Unfortunately, his father’s job in the military caused Birmingham no being in SA because that long.Photo via Netflix / Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Joan Crawford
The (scarily) above Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur in SA in 1905, despite she later on moved to Oklahoma and also later Missouri after she father left the family. She go on to take on her stage name, construct a decade-spanning career, feud through Bette Davis, and disinherit her two eldest children. Yep, Mommie Dearest is about one of mountain Antonio’s own.Photo via Amazon element / Johnny guitar
Nicholas Gonzalez
Actor Nicholas Gonzalez make his very first debut in SA in 1976. That attended central Catholic HS, whereby he won two state championships as a cross-country and track runner. Gonzalez later earned his level at Stanford, majoring in English, however was motivated by a professor to go after acting after appearing in a one-man theatre performance. He has actually a number of acting credits under his belt, yet most freshly The good Doctor and also Pretty small Liars.Courtesy of abc
Pendleton Ward
Animator, writer and also voice actor Pendleton Ward, best known because that Adventure Time, was born in the Alamo City in 1982. Though he currently resides in Los Angeles, the cartoon wiz is a graduate that the now-LEE High School.Photo via Instagram / weeb.on.crack
Austin Mahone
Pop star Austin Mahone quiet reps san Antonio, being born right here in 1996, even though the spends many of his time in Los Angeles. The fight singer attended Johnson HS for his student in the first year year and was homeschooled for the rest of his high school career.Photo via Instagram / austinmahone
Robert Rodriguez
Though that loves to rep Austin, director Robert Rodriguez was actually born and also raised in the Alamo City. Born in 1968, Rodriguez attended St. Anthony HS and also later the university of Texas in ~ Austin. He’s since directed films such as Sin City, as soon as Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete, Spy Kids, indigenous Dusk it spins Dawn, El Mariachi, and also plenty more.Photo via Instagram / rodriguez
Christopher Cross
Yes, Christopher cross is tho alive. And yes, he to be born in SA in 1951. Fight debut album in 1979 was a hit, despite the singer-songwriter hasn’t been as energetic in current years. That considers self an army brat, so he moved approximately quite a bit. His an initial gig to be actually playing in a tribute band below in SA in the ‘70s – no too lengthy after graduating indigenous Alamo Heights HS.Photo via Instagram / itsmrcross
man Quiñones
Though he now lives in brand-new York City, Juan Manuel “John” Quiñones to be born in the 2-1-0 in 1952. He graduated from Brackenridge High college and, v the assist of upward Bound, attended St. Mary’s University. Today, he’s ideal known for hosting What would You Do?Photo via YouTube / What would certainly You Do?
Kevin Alejandro
Hunky actor Kevin Alejandro was born in mountain Antonio in 1976 and also lived right here until he to be eight years old. You could recognize him from True Blood, Ugly Betty (the American version), Arrow, Weeds, Lucifer and Southland.Photo via Netflix / arrowhead
Noël Wells
Actress Noël Wells made her debut in SA in 1986, despite she moved approximately Texas in her youth. After ~ graduating native a high college in Victoria, Wells to visit the college of Texas at Austin. She had one-season stints ~ above Saturday Night Live and also Master the None, and even tried she hand at directing through her very first film Mr. Roosevelt debuting at SXSW in 2017.Photo via Netflix / grasp of nobody
Katie Leclerc
Though she prospered up in Colorado, actress Katie Leclerc to be born in SA ago in 1986. You might recognize Leclerc if you have any teenagers that watched Switched in ~ Birth, despite she’s likewise has a guest function in lot of of various other shows.Photo via Netflix / Switched at birth
chris Perez
Selena may have actually repped body Christi, but her hubby is completely a mountain Antonio guy. He to be born in SA in 1969 and went come Jefferson High School. The was working at a library as soon as he to be 17 once he determined to seriously go after music.Photo via Instagram / chrispereznow
Patricia Vonne
Did you understand that Patricia Vonne is Robert Rodriguez’s sister? Well, now you know. She to be born in SA in 1969 and also lived right here (she went to St. Anthony HS) until moving to NYC to seek her “artistic career.” She ultimately returned to Texas but worked out down in Austin. Today, she’s a singer and also actress, certification in several of her brother’s films.Photo via Instagram / patriciavonne
Madison Davenport
Born in SA in 1996, actress Madison Davenport has had actually some pretty credits to she name. She’s showed up in sisters alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and also Shameless (she played Ethel) and the indigenous Dusk til Dawn series.Photo via Netflix / Shameless
john Allen Nelson
Though he no stick about for long, actor man Allen Nelson was born in SA in 1959. An Air force baby, the actor’s father to be stationed in Germany ~ his stint in the Alamo City. Nelson has appeared in the initial Baywatch, 24 and also many various other titles.Photo via Netflix / Grey’s Anatomy
Marcia Nasatir
Born in san Antonio in 1926, Marcia Nasatir is a pioneer for women in Hollywood – an especially women working as producers. In 1974, Nasatir came to be the first female vice president of a significant Hollywood studio (United Artists). She legit flourished up in SA also – she’s opened up about attending Jefferson HS and also going to movie at the Majestic and also Aztec as a kid.Courtesy of Marcia Nasatir
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Austin Mahone
Pop star Austin Mahone tho reps san Antonio, gift born below in 1996, also though he spends many of his time in Los Angeles. The fight singer attended Johnson HS for his student in the first year year and was homeschooled because that the rest of his high school career.Photo via Instagram / austinmahone

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