West Highland Terriers room strong, tough, confident, and also adorable dogs. A West Highland Terrier weight chart can aid you come predict the ultimate size.

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They are sturdy and also one the the most renowned among little Terriers. Lock were originally bred come hunt rats and other secret rodents.

People who very own West Highland Terriers say that they are loyal and get along well v the family.

Training them might prove to it is in a an obstacle because castle are quickly distracted by moving objects. However it is not difficult with a little of patience and time due to the fact that they are additionally highly intelligent.

They have actually a ring appearance, however they are compact and also athletic with their little black noses and also scissor-like teeth.

They have dark brown eye that are deep-set and vast apart. This dogs are beautiful and also love their humans an extremely much.

When Is A West Highland Terrier fully Grown?


These have to cover the straightforward expenses for her dog’s needs, and supplies that would make him more comfortable. Anything other than this will price you more. Store in mind that West Highland Terriers have a expectancy of about 14 years.

West Highland Terrier Genetics and also Common wellness Problems

West Highland Terriers room usually healthy and balanced dogs. However responsible breeders usually display screen them before giving castle to your owners. Normally, they room screened for diseases like patella luxation and cardiac disease.

Make sure that you brush your Westie’s teeth really often through a toothpaste the is produced dogs. In addition, if you discover that you are unable to give him all the nutrients that that needs, friend can take into consideration placing the on additionally so the he have the right to be healthy.

Visit her vet regularly, so that you can obtain the proper information about controlling any kind of parasites the may influence your West Highland Terrier.

Final Words

West Highland Terriers have long special coats that need to be kept with constant grooming. If you room unable to do this yourself, then you should consider hiring a expert groomer.

It is constantly a bad situation when your dog’s hair is matted and daunting to come through. Girlfriend should have his coat clipped so that it looks neat and also well-kept. Also with a groomer, over there is tho upkeep that need to be performed everyday to save his coat in good condition.

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When it comes to training your West Highland Terrier, you should remember his origin and why he to be bred. That is an extremely intelligent and also with the appropriate training, you have the right to have a loyal companion for a long time.