Joe Bell tells the intimate and also emotional true story of an Oregonian father who pays tribute to his gay teenage child Jadin, embarking on a self-reflective walk throughout America to speak his love to heartland citizens about the real and terrifying costs of bullying.

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If love is in the form of a circle, what lines would you cross to be v your soulmate? Nick and Janine (Leslie Odom, Jr. And Cynthia Erivo) live in marital bliss, till Janine’s ex-husband (Orlando Bloom) warps time to try to tear lock apart using Nick’s university girlfriend (Frieda Pinto). Together Nick’s memories and also reality disappear, he need to decide what he’s willing come sacrifice in stimulate to host onto — or let walk of — everything he loves. Have the right to love endure in a future whereby time is fluid, and every one of life may be simply an illusion?

Reeling native the unexpected fatality of her husband, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he developed for her. She tries as ideal she have the right to to store it with each other – yet then nightmares come. Disturbing visions the a existence in the house calling to her, beckoning her through a ghostly allure. Versus the advice of her friends, she starts digging right into her husband’s belongings, yearning for answers.

In 1980, Ted Bundy was sentenced to death by electrocution. In the years that followed, he agreed to disclose the details that his crimes, but only to one man. No male of God is based on the true story the the weird and complex relationship that emerged between FBI agent invoice Hagmaier and an incarcerated Ted Bundy in the years resulting in Bundy"s execution.

A family members on a tropic holiday find that the secluded beach whereby they room relaxing for a few hours is somehow leading to them to period rapidly - reducing their whole lives into a solitary day.

Rescued together a son by the legend assassin Moody (Samuel L. Jackson) and also trained in the family business, Anna (Maggie Q) is the world’s most skilled contract killer. Yet when Moody – the guy who was prefer a dad to her and also taught her everything she requirements to know about trust and survival – is brutally killed, Anna vow revenge. Together she becomes entangled v an enigmatic killer (Michael Keaton) who attraction to she goes means beyond cat and mouse, your confrontation turns deadly and also the loosened ends the a life spent killing will certainly weave themselves even tighter.
snake Eyes (Henry Golding), a tenacious loner, is welcomed into an old Japanese clan called the Arashikage after saving the life of your heir apparent. Upon come in Japan, the Arashikage teach snake Eyes the methods of the ninja warrior while also providing other he’s been longing for: a home. But, when secrets from his previous are revealed, snake Eyes’ honor and also allegiance will certainly be experiment – also if that means losing the to trust of those closest to him.
A financial institution teller who discovers the is actually a background player in an open-world video clip game, decides to become the hero of his very own story…one that rewrites himself. Now in a civilization where there room no limits, he is figured out to be the man who conserves his world his way…before that is too late.
An epic fantasy adventure based upon the timeless Arthurian legend, The green Knight speak the story of sir Gawain (Dev Patel), King Arthur"s reckless and also headstrong nephew, who embarks top top a daring pursuit to confront the eponymous eco-friendly Knight, a giant emerald-skinned stranger and also tester the men. Gawain contends through ghosts, giants, thieves, and schemers in what becomes a deeper trip to define his character and prove his worth in the eyes of his family and kingdom by encountering the ultimate challenger.
together the human being searches because that a cure come a destructive virus, a scientist and also park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine devices run. Through the night, your journey i do not care a terrifying voyage through the love of darkness, the woodland coming to life approximately them.
it’s not wherein you go. It’s what you leave behind . . . Chef, writer, adventurer, provocateur: Anthony Bourdain lived his life unabashedly. Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain is one intimate, behind-the-scenes look at how an anonymous chef came to be a world-renowned social icon.
In the wake up of his father"s death, a twenty-something writer look at his dream of moving to Paris placed in jeopardy as soon as he"s forced to temporarily take in his insanity unpredictable, mentally ill sister.
Six civilization unwittingly discover themselves locked in another collection of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have actually in typical to survive…and learning they’ve all played the video game before.
Ady Barkan’s life is upended as soon as he is diagnosed through ALS, yet a confrontation through a powerful Senator catapults the to nationwide fame and also ignites a once-in-a-generation political movement.
In the summer that 1939, influential households in Nazi Germany have sent your daughters to a finishing institution in an English seaside town to find out the language and also be ambassadors for a future looking national Socialist. A teacher over there sees what is coming and is trying to raise the alarm. However the authorities believe he is the problem.
as soon as LeBron James and his young son Dom space trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., LeBron must get them residence safe by top Bugs, Lola Bunny and the totality gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney tunes to victory over the A.I.’s digitized champions on the court: a powered-up roster of expert basketball stars as you’ve never seen castle before. It’s tunes versus Goons in the highest-stakes challenge of his life, that will certainly redefine LeBron’s bond through his son and also shine a light on the strength of gift yourself. The ready-for-action Tunes destroy convention, supercharge their distinctive talents and surprise also “King” James by play the game their very own way.
Suzanne is 16. She is boring with civilization of she age. Every day on her means to high school, she overcome a theater. There, she meets an enlarge man, and also becomes obsessed through him. Despite their age difference, they find in each other an answer to their ennui and also fall in love. Yet Suzanne is fear she’s missing out on life – the life the a 16-year-old, which she had actually struggled so lot to gain in the same method as her peers.

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Best-selling crime novelist Charles (Dan Stevens) suffers from terrible writer’s block and is struggling to finish his first screenplay. His picture-perfect new wife Ruth (Isla Fisher) is doing her best to save him focused so they can satisfy her dream of leaving London because that Hollywood. Charles’ quest for inspiration leads him come invite the eccentric mystic madame Acarti (Judi Dench) to do a séance in his home. The gets an ext than the bargained for when Madame Acarti inadvertently summons the heart of his first wife: the brilliant and fiery Elvira (Leslie Mann). Ready to choose up she life right where she left off, Elvira is shocked to uncover the prim and also proper Ruth is currently married to her husband and running her household. Charles finds himself stuck between his 2 wives and also their significantly over-the-top attempts come outdo one another.