Sybil Wilkes is the co-host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio regimen heard in end 100 industries with one audience of an ext than eight million. An initial member that the show, originally joining the crew as a news anchor, every morning Wilkes gives “the voice of reason” alongside host Tom Joyner and also co-host J. Anthony Brown.This indigenous Chicagoan began her radio career in 1985 together a manufacturing assistant with WKQX-FM, Chicago. She at some point went on to news management and also reporting jobs at WINK-AM/FM, ft Myers, Florida; WRCC-FM, Cape Coral, Florida; and WCKZ-FM, Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. In 1989 Wilkes join WGCI-AM/FM, Chicago, as a talk display host. In 1990 she came to be a reporter for Chicago's Shadow web traffic Network. While with Shadow, Wilkes yielded morning and afternoon drive web traffic updates and also worked as among Tom Joyner's WGCI-FM sidekicks.A provided news and political journalist, Wilkes has actually landed major interviews with few of today’s height newsmakers including joining president Barack Obama and also Senator man Edwards on the campaign trail for exclusive one-on-one interviews and a frank interview with previous President invoice Clinton. Together an avid reader, she produced “Sybil’s book Club”, began in 1996, which attributes African-American writer at live events and also offers an possibility for publication lovers to meet and also engage v their favourite writers.Being a commemorated radio personality and journalist she has received a variety of accolades consisting of The President’s compensation from the NAACP picture Awards, and also an honorary Doctorate degree from Bennett college in Greensboro, NC. Most recently, Wilkes has become a national ambassador for the Susan G. Komen circle of Promise Campaign. She also co-hosts a regional Sunday afternoon inspirational radio regimen with minister Frederick Haynes in Dallas. A graduate of Northwestern University, she received a Bachelors of scientific research in political Science and also Communication Studies.Wilkes stays by the biblical saying handed under by her parents, “To whom lot is given, much is required.” as soon as not using her “Big A” indigenous on the show, Sybil has an attention in politics, photography, and sports.Wilkes resides in Dallas, Texas.

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