How many of you have actually watched the reality series ‘American Chopper’ on exploration Channel then you have definitely heard the name, Paul Teutul Sr. Paul loves to ride fabricating custom motorcycles dates ago to the ’70s which that is influenced by together movies as The Wild One and Easy Rider. 

The founder of Orange nation Choppers, Paul Teutul Sr. Is a manufacturer that the practice motorcycle which broadcast on the exploration channel.

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There are many things girlfriend didn’t know around this American entrepreneur. If friend really want to understand then scroll down the article.

Paul Teutul Sr. Is tho a young and also energetic man

Early Life

Paul is an actor, a producer and a reality star born in Yonkers, new York and grew up in Pearl River, new York. Paul Teutul sailed as a member the the joined State seller marine throughout the Vietnam War. 

It is not clear what shipboard department he worked in, and how long he had actually been there. Back he never ever served in the branch that the U.S. Military throughout the war.

Paul Teutul Sr

The career of Paul Teutul Sr

Paul is a professional; motorcycle designer and builder. In his life, he has done a variety of shows. He increased to fame after showing up in the Discovery’s truth series  ‘American Chopper’ with his boy Micheal Teutul. 

He appeared in numerous show favor David Letterman ~ above the so late Show, Canon O’Brian’s so late Night, so late Night Jimmy Fallon and also The Tonight show with Jay Leno and also featured with Nickelback’s Rockstar music video.

After being a TV celebrity, he played a minor role in some movies like ‘Wild Hogs’ (2007) and also ‘My name Is Earl’ (2005).

Paul Teutul’s love that riding and fabricating custom motorcycles dates earlier to the ’70s. In 1999, he left Orange nation Ironworks then he established his own Orange county Choppers and also hired his kid Paul Jr. And also design tradition bikes for sale.

The very same year, Teutul built a standard chopper named ‘True Blue’ which damaged the record at Daytona Bikeberfest.

Married Life of Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul to be married double in his life. Paul married his an initial wife, Paula Teutul in 1969 and divorced in 1995. With each other they share 4 children, three sons Daniel Teutul, Micheal Teutul and also Paul Teutul Jr. And a daughter, Cristin Teutul.

His daughter Cristin is a nurse by profession and also Daniel controlled the fabrication shop. Paul Teutul Jr. Is a cycle designer. In April 2009, Paul Jr. Fired indigenous the show American Copper because of vocal disagreement. Micheal is likewise a host.

Paul Teutul and his second wife Beth Dillion to be married in 2007. The marital relationship running very well but sadly the relation didn’t critical long and also legally acquired divorced in 2015.

He supposedly lost control of his bike and hit by one SUV as soon as its driver went with a red light in Gretna Louisiana. In reality, his surname was written into this New Orleans Times-Picayune about a five vehicles crash.

In the accident, one motorcyclist died and another critically injured. So, the crash actually occurred as described, but Teutal no a component of it. However, the rumor that the fatality was false and he is still alive and living a healthy life.


Paul has the repertoire of the vintage car more than 20 indigenous the 1940s to 1960s. Teutul listed his luxurious Orange County house on the market for $2.9 million. 

Paul’s Orange ar House

The 38-acre estate has actually a swimming pool house, gazebo, spa, and also volley court. Additionally, the home has actually three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a two-story showcase garage with two self-contained apartments for guests.


In march 2018, Paul Teutul Sr. Filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in brand-new York together his discovery Channel present was set to return to television. Follow to PageSix, he asserted that the owes creditor over $1 million and also worth $1.8 million.

The filed provided debts that $ 1,070,893 and property that $ 1.802,729 and likewise claimed the he earned $15,000 per month and monthly prices are $ 12,600.

His attorney referred to as the filing “proactive, no reactive. . . Which is a confident thing because that Mr. Teutul.”


Paul has a an excellent personality and additionally recognized for his countless tattoos. He has actually tattooed a logo of OCC on his left arms. That portraits that his bullmastiff, Marty, and Gus. 

Paul’s Mustache

Presence in social Media

Paul is a reality star and also has controlled to broaden his affect on society media platforms such a Facebook, Instagram and also Twitter and also has a huge variety of fans following. He shared numerous pictures and videos the his family, friends, and work with his many loyal fans.

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Paul keeps updating about his latest projects and also enterprises v Instagram come his fans. If you space not a fan of this male then this is a great chance because that you to start complying with him and also know much more about him.