A man, that calls self “Fluffy” for his overweight is not married, however he has actually a girlfriend. He has no organic kids. He has 5 siblings, but seems to it is in not really close with them. The closest human being for him to be his mother. Let’s look at Gabriel Iglesias family.

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Esther Pinuelas mender (mother)

Date the birth: august 25, 1934

Date of death: may 01, 2012

She to be a legend woman, who affected Gabriel Iglesias and also played critical role in his fate. Esther separated from Gabriel Iglesias father and raised their six children (Fluffy has actually 4 sisters and also one brother) alone. She did any type of job she could find in order to feed she children.

Gabriel began to act on the stage at the period of 10. Climate he performed in prior of his schoolmates, and did it so well that anybody laughed. The boy enjoyed all that fist he gained after the concert. Around that time he determined to become a comedian.

His mommy Esther preferred his jokes, yet she did everything she could to convince Gabriel no to come to be a full-time comedian. She persuaded him to find a typical job, which can feed him. At very first Fluffy adhered to her advice and also found job-related in the mobile company. But then the went against Esther’s will.

Gabriel’s mom was his most devoted fan and a constant guest at his shows. An extremely often she met various other artists in ~ the concerts too and also it made her happy. Till currently in Gabriel Iglesias’s home there’s a snapshot of his mom and her favourite star – ranchera Vicente Fernandez.

Esther Pinuelas mender passed far in May, 2012 in her West Covina residence (California). Gabriel opened up, the till currently he misses her.

Jesus Iglesias (father)

Gabriel Iglesias has actually never been close through his father. His parental separated shortly after his birth, and he doesn’t stay linked with his dad together for now.


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He is extremely appreciated by both, critics and the audience. One of reputable worries called him “a comic icon”. That laughs at every little thing – at his extra kilos, in ~ poverty and anxieties. And also audience laughs through him.

Gabriel Jesus Iglesias to be born in mountain Diego, CA. Later he relocated to long Beach, CA, where he was elevated by a single mother. He lived in poverty, and humor was the thing, which conserved him throughout his at an early stage years. As soon as Gabriel turned 20, he made decision to monetize his talent the a comic.

He started his career from performances at bars and night clubs. In early 2000s the talented stand-up comedian moved his means on TV. Gabriel Iglesias got initial popularity together an gibbs of sitcoms. That participated in “My Wife and Kids” and also voiced a hero in “Family Guy”.

As because that now, the actor can boast with countless hit films and also animations, wherein he starred or to which he lent his funny voice. They are “Coco”, “Smurfs: The shed Village”, “The Surfer King”, “Magic Mike XXL” etc. Every year he adds a new hit to his movie list. Is his family members life as effective as his career?

Interesting and fun facts

1) during his years at a high college Gabriel Iglesias perform in front of his class every day. He delighted in those number of minutes of glory and also developed his stand-up skills.

2) Gabriel couldn’t discover the job as a comic in ~ first. That’s why he told the society owners, that he would execute for free. Thus, the didn’t get any money because that his an initial shows, however he gained comprehensive fan club and also got acquainted with various other comics. It assisted him to build his career and also finally obtain money because that his jokes.

3) The comedian owns a house in long Beach, CA. He resides there with his girlfriend and her boy from the previous marriage.

4) Gabriel Iglesias suffers from type II Diabetes.

5) The comedian has a slow-moving metabolism. He tells that also one hamburger is sufficient for the to get extra kilos. Yet he lost an ext than 100 pounds that weight, when he was warned by his doctor, the his appetite might kill him.

6) Iglesias tells the the significant part of his success comes from his honesty. He tells his viewers very personal things – around his overweight, his family life and also his fears. The comic opens up that his girl friend sometimes pertains to his mirrors to know, what’s top top his mind.

7) Gabriel has in his garage considerable collection that Volkswagen buses and also sports cars.

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8) In 2017 he had to publication a number of his shows because of his fight with alcoholism. Yet in January, 2018 the comic returned to work.