How execute I find out what year mine Tohatsu outboard is?

Look in the left obelisk labeled “Motor Description.” The engine description includes the version year of your Tohatsu outboard. Because that instance, if the model is a TDLI the model year is 2009.

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How perform I phone call what year my Suzuki outboard is?

Open the cover and also look for an aluminum plug ~ above the engine block. That will have the version number, serial number, and month and year that manufacture printed on it.

How perform I review the serial number on my Evinrude watercraft motor?

An eight-character model number indicates an engine made in between 1999 and also the present. Evinrude coincides a number with each letter, such the I coincides to 1, N is 2, T is 3, R is 4, O is 5, D is 6, U is 7, C is 8, E is 9 and also S is 0; a code of SS, for example, would show an engine make in 2000.

Is tohatsu a great motor?

Tohatsu, Japan’s oldest outboard manufacturer, has actually been developing high quality, resilient outboard motors since 1956. The ocean-tested design that allows Tohatsu engines to work under intense demand and also harsh problems makes Tohatsu among the toughest, most reliable engines ~ above the market.

How perform you read a VIN number ~ above a Suzuki outboard?

The serial number is published on a plate the is attached come the clamp clip on the motor. The form of the serial number is a five-digit number complied with by a hyphen, climate a six-digit number. Top top the 1977 v 1979 models, the component after the hyphen starts through a letter, complied with by 5 numbers.

How perform I uncover out what motor is in my boat?

The engine model number is discovered on the transom clamp that the outboard on the external of the transom/boat. The version number commonly starts v a letter, complied with by number (often the horsepower) and also finally an additional sequence the letters.

Is Tohatsu the same as Honda?

Honda Motor firm today announced the it has entered into an commitment to supply Tohatsu Corporation through Honda outboard engines, from 60 horsepower through to 250 horsepower. These will be for sale internationally under the Tohatsu brand name and also Tohatsu product styling.

Where is tohatsu serial number?

warranty inquiries. Ideal side the the stern bracket. Top top the upper appropriate side that the engine.

When did tohatsu start making outboards?

1956More than any type of other outboard manufacturer in the world! established on October 20th 1922, Tohatsu Corporation, then called Takata Motor research study Institute, produced train carriages, high-speed portable engine generators and radio controlled generators. In 1956 Tohatsu presented their very first outboard engine.

How reputable are Tohatsu outboards?

Are Nissan and Tohatsu outboards the same?

Tohatsu outboards space identical and their parts and accessories are completely compatible v all existing Nissan naval engines. Tohatsu proceeds to construct the same high-quality engine you’ve involved rely on and offers a complete line of outboards, from 2.5hp to 250hp, every backed by a 5 year minimal warranty.

Is Tohatsu own by Nissan?

Nissan outboard electric motors are developed by Tohatsu corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Nissan Outboards offered in Japan are re-badged Hondas. …

Are Tohatsu and also Nissan outboards the same?

What is the most reliable outboard motor brand?

Best Outboard Engines

Are Mercury engines do by Tohatsu?

Mercury naval is a department of Brunswick Corporation and also many that the smaller sized Mercury Outboards are just rebranded Tohatsu Engines.

Does Nissan make a good outboard motor?

From whatever I’ve heard, Nissan renders a pretty an excellent outboard.

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Are Tohatsu and Nissan the same?

Nissan Outboards. Nissan Marine has actually discontinued sales of your outboard motors manufactured by Tohatsu Outboards, a long time partner and also manufacturer for Nissan Marine. Tohatsu outboards are identical and their parts and also accessories are totally compatible with all existing Nissan naval engines.