What is the difference? and also are lock the very same or not? execute they any type of use in different situations?


Asking someone do friend like is asking whether they like it, and asking them would girlfriend like is providing it to them.

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Here"s just how one would answer:

A: perform you like candy?

B: Yes, I like candy.


A: would certainly you prefer some candy? (Do you desire some candy appropriate now?)

B: No thanks. (Not now.)


They space not the same:

Do friend like is used to ask if someone generally enjoys or is partial come something.

Would girlfriend like is a politer means of questioning "do girlfriend want" once offering something. In English, together in numerous languages, the verb "want" is considered very direct, and the conditional offer to soften the a bit.


The various other answers are not incorrect. They room technically correct, which is the best kind that correct.

However, over there are instances that can blur the lines between the two. Think about the complying with instances:

Bob: Man, I"m starving.

Alice: do you prefer pizza?

In this case, Alice is questioning "do friend like" but due to the fact that Bob has already said he"s looking to have some food, the is implied that Alice has some pizza to alleviate Bob"s hunger.

This can additionally be unsolicited, such as

Alice take away plate the nachos and motions them towards Bob

Alice: execute you like nachos?

Here Alice still has something to offer Bob, using "Do you like". There"s a variety of replies. A straightforward "no" would be inappropriate: Bob should suggest whether he is stating that doesn"t like nachos, or even if it is he just doesn"t want any right now.

These room both technically untrue on Alice"s part. (Get that together, Alice!) However, they"re common enough that i wouldn"t consider them fringe cases.

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answered Jul 24 "14 at 16:47

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Would you choose is hypothetical.it could be an offer yet not necessarely, it describes something the you think friend will favor : would certainly you choose to be well-off ? would you prefer some food?

Do you prefer is an ext concrete and also based ~ above knowledge. Perform you favor food? execute you like to it is in rich?the person that asks you the concern assumes you have actually experience in this field.

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answer Jul 25 "14 in ~ 12:38

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Do is one an active verb and would is a possessive verb, and the Idea of words "want" have the right to be learned from plenty of perspectives.

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answer Oct 3 "20 at 19:39
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