As Honda recommends changing your new Accord"s transmission liquid after six year"s or 144-kilometres, (whichever come first), it"s unlikely that you will require this overview anytime soon. But, since these instructions use to most Honda"s and many other vehicles, you may want to save it handy. Transforming your Accord"s transmission fluid is no difficult, and comparable to an altering your car"s oil and also does not need a Honda company Specialist. Here"s a straightforward step-by-step guide:

Step One - Assemble your Tools and Supplies

Here"s what friend will need to adjust the transmission liquid on her 2019 Honda Accord

Transmission fluid - 4.3 litres the Honda automatically Transmission fluid ATF-type 2.0.Socket Wrench - A 3/8" drive conventional socket wrench.Mechanic"s CreeperDrop towel - you will desire to defend your driveway as infection oil stains concrete and blacktopA vehicle Jack and also Four Jack was standing - Jacking increase the vehicle is an ext work but, the extra room is worth the effortAn Oil drainpipe PanA Container for the provided OilA Funnel

Step 2 - Draining the infection Fluid

Because draining transmission fluid works ideal when done on a level surface, you might either jack up the car and also put jack stands under all 4 corners, or leaving the vehicle on the ground. Jack-stands will provide you much more room come work, but they aren"t an absolute necessity. Be cautious not to confused the oil pan because that the infection pan. The oil pan is located straight under the engine and has a drain plug at the rear of the pan. The transmission pan is located further towards the back of the vehicle, around even through the car"s next mirrors.

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The transmission liquid pan has actually a drainpipe plug, top top the side, i m sorry takes a 3/8 drive socket wrench through no socket on the end. You need to stick the 3/8 drive directly into the plug. Ease the plug in a normal manner. After numerous turns, girlfriend should be able to turn the plug through hand. Prepare because that the fluid to shoot the end at first - about ten come fifteen centimetres - so place the oil drainpipe pan accordingly. Change the plug as soon as the oil finishes draining.

Step three - change the transmission Fluid

Locate and also remove the transmission liquid dipstick. It will be on the firewall side of the engine and also looks similar to the motor oil dipstick but, v a yellow handle. Traction it out, ar the funnel into the tube, and pour in the exact same amount of brand-new fluid that you simply removed from the pan and replace the dipstick. If you"re in require of certified Honda transmission liquid our Honda parts department can help.

Step 4 -Check the liquid LevelWarm up the vehicle (with it earlier on the ground). V the engine running and your foot ~ above the brake, cycle with every gear waiting around three seconds at each. Next, pull, clean, replace, and pull the dipstick again. The oil level need to be in the stick"s crosshatch area. If it"s quiet low, include oil in one-quarter litre increments. If that is as well high, girlfriend will need to drain small amounts of fluid until you obtain the ideal dipstick reading.

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A last Note

Many automakers do not put drain plugs on your transmission liquid pans since typically as soon as the transmission fluid gets changed, the transmission liquid filter likewise gets changed. This procedure requires dropping the pan and also draining the liquid anyway. Honda motors puts a drainpipe plug on their pans to simplify the process. It is encourage to readjust the transmission oil filter with every fluid change.

If friend aren"t i was sure in changing your transmission fluid do no worry! in ~ Honda Queensway, we have a state the the arts Honda business centre where one of our trained technicians will certainly be may be to adjust your infection fluid. If her Honda is in need of a service, be sure to book a company appointment today!