You should check your coolant level every couple of months. If your Dodge overheats, friend will require to check the coolant level and replace coolant. Occasionally, you could need to fully drain and replace the coolant. early to restricted resources the coolant was not actually changed in this guide.

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Do not eliminate the reservoir lid if the engine has actually overheated. Doing so may an outcome in a heavy steam explosion as pressure is released.

If the coolant level is low, to fill up the reservoir utilizing a 50/50 mixture that antifreeze and also distilled water.


If you require to completely drain the coolant, place a bucket under the coolant hose, close to the former of the engine.

Locate and loosen the hose clamp ~ above the coolant hose with the flat head screwdriver. The coolant water tap is located near the bottom the the serpentine belt underneath the prior of the engine bay.

Drain the coolant totally and reattach the coolant hose, tightening the hose clamp with the level head screwdriver.

Dispose of your provided coolant in ~ an auto components shop or a landfill that accepts hazardous materials. Do not pour it under a storm drainpipe or sink.

Remember to refill the reservoir tank v coolant prior to driving your Dodge truck. Driving without coolant will reason overheating and engine damage.

To dispose of your used coolant, take it it to an automotive components store or to any landfill the accepts hazardous materials. Carry out not pour coolant down any type of drains or sinks. Serious ecological damage can occur.

To dispose the your provided coolant, take it it to an automotive parts store or to any landfill the accepts hazardous materials. Execute not to water coolant down any drains or sinks. Serious eco-friendly damage could occur.

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