The human being body includes trillions of cells, 78 different organs and an ext than 60,000 miles of blood vessels if you stretched them end-to-end. Incredibly, every one of these cells, vessels and also organs work together to store you alive.

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Each organ belongs to among ten human body systems. These human body systems room interconnected and also dependent ~ above one an additional to function. Your heart does not beat unless your mind and nervous device tell that to carry out so. Your skeletal mechanism relies ~ above the nutrient it benefit from your digestive device to develop strong, healthy and balanced bones.

There room 10 human body systems:







Endocrine (hormones)

Lymphatic, or immune system


Integumentary (skin, hair)

A body system is a group of parts that work-related together to serve a usual purpose. Her cardiovascular device works to circulate your blood while her respiratory mechanism introduces oxygen into your body.

Each Body device Works v the Others

Each individual body mechanism works in associate with various other body systems. The circulatory device is a an excellent example of exactly how body systems communicate with every other. Her heart pumps blood with a complicated network of blood vessels. As soon as your blood circulates v your cradle system, for example, it choose up nutrients your body soaked up from her last meal. Her blood additionally carries oxygen inhaled by the lungs. Your circulatory device delivers oxygen and also nutrients come the other cells of her body climate picks up any type of waste products created by this cells, consisting of carbon dioxide, and also delivers these waste assets to the kidneys and lungs because that disposal. Meanwhile, the circulatory device carries hormone from the endocrine system, and the immune system’s white blood cells the fight off infection.

Each of your body systems relies on the rather to work-related well. Your respiratory system relies on your circulatory system to deliver the oxygen it gathers, when the muscles of your heart cannot role without the oxygen they receive from your lungs. The skeleton of her skull and spine safeguard your brain and spinal cord, but your brain regulates the position of her bones by controlling your muscles. The circulatory system provides your brain with a consistent supply that oxygen-rich blood if your brain regulates your heart rate and blood pressure.

Even look at unrelated human body systems room connected. Her skeletal device relies on your urinary device to remove waste developed by bone cells; in return, the skeleton of your skeleton produce structure that protects your bladder and other urinary device organs. Your circulatory mechanism delivers oxygen-rich blood to her bones. Meanwhile, her bones space busy making new blood cells.

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Working together, these solution maintain interior stability and also balance, otherwise known as homeostasis. Disease in one human body system deserve to disrupt homeostasis and cause problem in other body systems. If you become ill through the AIDS virus that affects her immune system, for example, friend may construct pneumonia in her respiratory system, a yeast infection in your reproductive system, Candida the affects her esophagus in your digestive device or the skin cancer well-known as Kaposi’s sarcoma.

For more information top top the connection between body systems, speak to her health experienced at Revere Health. We offer family members practice and 39 medical specialties to help all ten of your body systems job-related together.