Which 2 national fundings are situated closest together? This is an additional one the those tricky trivia inquiries designed come fool human being into overlooking the obvious. Doubtless they probably think about places where countries pack strict together, maybe Western Europe maybe central America, possibly forgetting around all the small micro-nations because those have tendency to fade right into the woodwork, and of course that’s the crucial to solving many of these small puzzles.

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I’ve seen enough of these the I’ve conditioned myself to guess reflexively the either Vatican City or Alaska will certainly somehow be connected in every little thing answer depending on context. Mine standard, unthinking answer to this inquiry would it is in to emphasis on Vatican City due to the fact that Alaska isn’t a country (yet). Regular readers of the Twelve Mile Circle may take similar approaches because we’ve all been immersed in geo-trivia because that ages. Yet we’re a one-of-a-kind bunch. We’re all 180 levels out-of-synch with the remainder of the world and also we take it pride in our geo-geekiness.

Rome and also Vatican City

Rome and also Vatican City

Indeed, the two national resources closest together are Rome, Italy and Vatican City. Rome totally envelopes Vatican City. It’s hard to get any type of closer 보다 that. Sure, some may quibble the Vatican City is really a can be fried city-state that doesn’t have a identified “capital” per se. It’s difficult to argue against that indigenous a purely technological perspective, but focusing top top hairsplitting takes every the delight out of these silly questions. The answer for 99.95% the the population is the Rome and Vatican City room the two national resources closest together.

OK, I’m done for the day. Everyone deserve to go house now.

Nothing is ever before that straightforward on this blog

Honestly, I’m no interested in the Rome-Vatican City answer. An additional answer is much an ext interesting and also much much less obvious. So throw the answer the end the window and let’s questioning the question again: Other than Rome and also Vatican City, what two national resources are located closest together?

Brazzaville and also Kinshasa

Answer: Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo and also Kinshasa, autonomous Republic that the Congo . To minimize the name man it might be helpful to recall the the democratic Republic that the Congo was the country called Zaire until recently. Others differentiate the countries by introduce to them as Congo-Kinshasa and also Congo-Brazzaville. The 2 national capitals sit on opposite sides of the Congo flow within clear website of each other. The physics distance in between the 2 is the width of the river, but ago to splitting hairs, they more than likely share a typical border what in the center of that river and also thus could probably be thought about contiguous. It’s as an excellent an answer together Rome-Vatican City in my book.

What surprised me, and also I admit that this is a blindspot because of my western- and euro-centric upbringing, is the thin enormity of this greater metropolitan area. This is a residence to nine million people, an pure megalopolis of epos size and also yet the prize didn’t come leaping off the screen at me. That population is on the bespeak of Chicago for the benefits of comparison. I’ve obtained to become smarter on the geography of this area.

Additional Contenders

I also came up with some “also-rans” together I poured with maps trying to find answers. For sure you came up through some too. I dropped a couple of of them into the Google Maps good circle distance calculator:

Jerusalem, Israel and Amman, Jordan (74km/46mi/43,438sm) – I carry out realize the listing Jerusalem as a funding city might be controversial in some quarters, and also I’m no trying to make a political geography statement here. Just drawing some present on a map.Helsinki, Finland and also Tallinn, Estonia (78km/47mi/46,001sm) – across water.Damascus, Syria and also Beirut, Lebanon (86km/53mi/50,547sm)Castries, Saint Lucia and also Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (91 km/56 mi/53,286 sm) – between islands.Seoul, southern Korea and also Pyongyang, phibìc Korea (195km/121mi/114,834sm) – this one is really scary.

I’m typically impressed, quite pleasantly together a issue of fact, v the large collective understanding of the regular readers here, so please feel cost-free to add to the list or do corrections.

One an ext Item of Interest

<Editor’s Note: the situation described below was true as soon as the write-up was created in 2009. Now, however, the instance is completely different>

I notice one other interesting point as i was pondering this question and also preparing this article. I placed together this nice small map reflecting the capital cities pointed out in the middle East: Damascus; Beirut, Amman and also Jerusalem.

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Notice anything unusual?

No roads display screen for Israel. The entire country has been lessened to a big empty splotch devoid of any kind of road network or identifying attribute whatsoever. Given the political case I could understand if this to be the situation for all Google Map photos of Israel but it uses only to map images installed on outside websites. Thus, the information is readily available on Google yet blocked elsewhere. Truly odd.