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Silver brazing, frequently called “tough soldering” or “silver soldering,” is a low-temperature brazing process with rods having actually melting points varying from 1145 to 1650ºF (618 to 899ºC).

This is considerably lower than that of the copper alloy brazing filler metals.

The strength of a joint made by this process is dependent on a thin film of silver brazing filler metal.

Brazing vs. Soldering

Silver solder is typically used in jewelry, copper and also brass. It is weaker than a silver braze.

Brazing is the same as soldering, except brazing occurs at greater temperatures.


Occurs at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit5-50% of steel is silver, rest is typically copper and zincExpensive at $50 or even more an onceCapillary attraction in tiny cracks

Silver brazing filler steels are written of silver with varying percentages of copper, nickel, tin, and also zinc.

They are offered for joining all ferrous and non-ferrous steels except aluminum, magnesium, and other metals which have as well low a melting allude.


Cadmium oxide fumes developed by heating and also melting of silver brazing alloys are very toxic. To proccasion injury to personnel, individual protective tools should be worn and sufficient ventilation offered.

It is vital that the joints be cost-free of oxides, range, grease, dirt, or other international matter. Surdeals with other than cadmium plating have the right to be conveniently cleaned mechanically by wire brushing or an abrasive cloth; chemically by acid pickling or other indicates.

Extreme treatment have to be used to grind all cadmium surfaces to the base steels considering that cadmium oxide fumes developed by heating and melting of silver brazing alloys are very toxic.

Silver Brazing

Bossweld Silver Brazing Rods Used to Braze Copper and also Low Zinc Brass. Used through Silver Flux.


Silver brazing offers the same basic methods of other brazing approaches consisting of fit for appropriate capillary action, cleaning of base steels, the usage of flux, warm and write-up braze cleaning.

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When heating the assembly, heat uniformly, via higher warm on the thicker steel section If one metal has better heat conductivity than the other, apply more warmth to the better warm conductor.