" data-medium-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=224" data-large-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=640" class="size-large wp-image-455" src="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=640&h=856" alt="My size Barbie 36"~Elsa 36"~My dimension Barbie 38"~Barbie"s best Friend 28"~Barbie 12"" srcset="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=640&h=856 640w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=112&h=150 112w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=224&h=300 224w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg?w=768&h=1027 768w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizes1.jpg 1202w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />Picture helps define doll sizes. Huge dolls are My dimension Barbie Dolls (36″/38″ tall) and also Frozen My size Elsa (38″ tall). Front row, Barbie’s ideal Fashion friend Doll (28″ tall, newest version) and tiny doll is Barbie Doll (12″ tall).

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" data-medium-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=227" data-large-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=640" class="size-large wp-image-462" src="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=640&h=847" alt="My size Barbie 36"~Elsa 38"~My size Barbie 38"" srcset="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=640&h=847 640w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=113&h=150 113w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=227&h=300 227w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=768&h=1016 768w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg?w=774&h=1024 774w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsize16.jpg 1171w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />Picture helps specify doll sizes. Large dolls space My dimension Barbie Dolls (36″/38″ tall) and also Frozen My size Elsa Doll (38″ tall). Little doll is Barbie Doll (12″ tall).

" data-medium-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=234" data-large-file="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=640" class="size-full wp-image-458" src="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=640" alt="My dimension Barbie 36"~Elsa 38"~My dimension Barbie 38"" srcset="https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=640 640w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=117 117w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg?w=234 234w, https://barisalcity.org.files.barisalcity.org.com/2015/11/mysizebarbiedollsizeno6.jpg 660w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />My size Barbie Doll (36″ tall, enlarge version) in yellow swimsuit and leggings, My dimension Barbie Doll (38″ tall, newest version) in eco-friendly swimsuit and also leggings, middle doll, Frozen My size Elsa (38″ tall, newest version) in red shower suit and leggings room wearing practice Designs Spandex stretch Doll Fashions by Marilyn. All 3 (36″/38″ tall) dolls have similar body sizes and can wear mine designs

Comparing Doll Sizes

My dimension Barbie Doll (36″ high or 3 feet tall) older version

Approximate size:

Bust ~ 18″Waist ~ 12″Hips ~ 18″

My dimension Barbie Doll (38 “tall or 3 feet 2 inches) newer version

Approximate size:

Bust ~ 18″Waist ~ 12″Hips ~ 18″Similar body, higher head

Frozen My dimension Elsa Doll (38″or 3 feet, 2 inches tall) newest version

Approximate size:

Bust ~ 18″Waist ~ 12″Hips ~ 18″Similar body, broader head

Barbie’s finest Friend Fashion Doll (28″tall) This is the newest doll that has actually been available this year 2015.

Information about My dimension Barbie Doll

My dimension Barbie Doll (36″ tall) was launched in 1992 and also the doll to be very complicated to acquire due to the fact that it was very unique and popular. I fell in love with this doll the first time I saw her however was no able to buy she in 1992 due to the fact that the doll sold out immediately.

In 1992, the internet, search engines, eBay, Etsy, and other means for purchase were no available. In 1993, I found a classified advertising in a magazine for this doll and paid $150.00 which was really expensive because that a doll in ~ this time. Advertisements in newspaper pages and also classified advertisements in the ago of magazines to be the main mode of to buy dolls. Montgomery Ward, Sears, and also Penney’s Christmas catalogs sold some dolls, yet I do not think My size Barbie Doll was ever listed in this catalogs.

You can find My dimension Barbie Dolls (older versions) and likewise My dimension Barbie Doll (the newest version) and Barbie’s ideal Friend Fashion Doll (28″tall) top top eBay. The My dimension Barbie Doll has actually been depicted as princesses, fairies, storybook characters and other layouts with various costumes that fit either the doll or a tiny child.

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Custom Designs easily accessible For My size Barbie Doll (36″/38″ tall) And Frozen My dimension Elsa Doll (38″ tall)

Custom Doll clothes Designs by Marilyn, custom Doll Crochet clothes Designs, tradition Doll shoe Designs by Marilyn, tradition Doll cap Designs by Marilyn, tradition Doll Crochet cap Designs by Marilyn, practice Doll Wedding Dresses and also Accessories through Marilyn, custom Doll Spandex Stretch design By Marilyn, Custom Doll Crochet Wedding Dresses and Accessories by Marilyn space the areas that i love to style for this doll.