Every Pokémon the CAN'T find out HM & TM moves Special, disc-based moves have been about since the very very first Pokémon games, however some Pokémon can"t discover HMs and TMs. Below are every the outliers.

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Pokemon that Can't discover HM and also TM move Wobbuffet Magicarp
TMs and also HMs are few of the most important items in the Pokémon series. Technological Machines and Hidden Moves, as they space formally known, were originally presented in the very first Pokémon games and also have been a part of the franchise ever since. These items deserve to be supplied to teach Pokémon brand-new moves they might not be able to learn through organic level progression. Only specific TMs and HMs will occupational on certain Pokémon, though, and also some Pokémon can"t use HMs or TMS in ~ all.

While TMs and also HMs offer a comparable purpose, lock function relatively differently. Technical devices teach Pokémon moves they can only use in battle, while concealed Moves have the right to be likewise used external of battle, often enabling players to breakthrough the plot in Pokémon games. Normally, once a player reaches a brand-new city or town, there are roadblocks favor trees or boulders impede the path to the following area. Players then have actually to find an HM and defeat a Gym Leader to obtain the ability to usage that move outside of combat, letting them obtain past the roadblocks.

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HMs have actually a background of frustrating players, together they normally aren"t the finest moves and cannot be removed from a Pokémon"s moveset unless required to the move Deleter. This is likely why HMs were eliminated in Pokémon Sword and Shield and replaced with TRs, technical Records. Technical Machines, top top the other hand, space much simpler to use, together they deserve to be removed merely by to teach a Pokémon a brand-new move come overwrite the TM. Uneven HMs, though, which have the right to be supplied an countless amount, TMs have the right to only be supplied once. If players desire to use a TM a 2nd time, they"ll have to uncover or purchase a duplicate.

While Pokémon that deserve to learn as plenty of HMs as feasible are often sought-after for your utility outside of battle, numerous can"t use any of them. Below is a list of every Pokémon the can"t learn TMs or HMs in at least one generation that games, compiled by Bulbapedia:


There space a variety of similarities in between these 22 Pokémon. For starters, 12 are Bug-types, well known for being among the weakest Pokémon in the series. If it"s still surprising to see them account for more than fifty percent of the Pokémon can not to find out TMs and also HMs, several of them are cocoon Pokémon, like Metapod and Silcoon, which tend to only learn defensive moves like Harden.

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Two that the much more interesting surname on this list room Smeargle and Ditto. Ditto deserve to transform into any Pokémon it sees v its covert Ability, Imposter, and also the move Transform. This enables Ditto come copy any kind of Pokémon"s moveset, thus offering it the capacity to use any move. Meanwhile, Smeargle has actually the capacity Sketch, i m sorry permanently copies the last move used by one opponent. Ironically, despite being able to use practically every relocate in the whole game, no Ditto nor Smeargle have the right to learn moves through TMs or HMs.

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Two legend Pokémon, Cosmog and also Cosmoem, even made the list, together well. Whether due to the fact that of their inability to find out TMs and also HMs or not, plenty of of these Pokémon - when they might be adorable - aren"t all the good, for this reason trainers are best advised to avoid them, if possible.