While most world are only acquainted with corn cobs, the components of the corn plant encompass the tassel, leaf, silk, husk, stalk, and also roots.

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The ear is the part of the plant removed during harvesting, consisting of the silk and also husk extending the corn. Remove the corn native the rice bowl is a process known together “husking.” You have the right to purchase corn cobs v the husk and silk currently removed; although, some civilization prefer to store the husk once grilling.

If you remove the silk and husk, friend can include themto your compost pile as with you have the right to let discard corn cobs failure to aid fertilize her garden. Each strand ofsilk coincides to a single kernel ~ above the cob. No wonder there is so much to remove!

A Closer Look in ~ Corn

If you live near a cornfield, climate you know just how tall corn deserve to grow. Corn rangesfrom five to 15feet tall. A cold spring can lead to smaller sized plants because they’re planted later on or cannot flourish in the cold. However, the tree can end up being quite high in favorable growing conditions.

The stalk support the elevation of the corn, protruding from the ground and ending with a tassel that isn’t just decorative: the flowers on themcreatepollen the is required to fertilize the plants. The large appearance the corn isn’t because of just the height, however. The leaves expand upward and also outward, adding bulk and also photosynthesizing energy for the plant to grow from the sun and air. The mix of the tall stalk and large leaves provides it daunting to see v the rows of corn in a field. This bulk is one factor why corn mazes are popular: stalks can be bend to clean a route while the tree that continue to be standing serve as the maze walls.

Sweet corn,which is the form of corn we eat, just grows 2 ears the corn among the leaves on average. Ears flourish up and also out favor leaves, however they’re round and also firm due to the fact that of the cob and kernels protected by the silk and husk.

How Corn Grows


Corn kernels, which space the seeds, can be planted or naturally disperse come create new plants. Propagation is just successful if the female part of the plant, which contains the silk and also kernels, is pollinated by the male component of a corn plant. As soon as this happens, the plant has a chance of growing.Below the surface ar of the soil, roots grow, taking nutrients indigenous the earth.

Corn plants are anchored right into the ground by aptly-named brace roots, which expand from the stalk into the floor to save the corn standing upright.First,the lowest pipeline of the plant will certainly grow, at some point forming the stalk. Native this, much more leaves and also the ear or ear of corn will sprout.

Growing better Corn

An knowledge of the components of the corn plant can assist gardeners and farmers grow much better corn. Because only one ear will grow on a sweet corn stalk if pollination no occur, it’s vital to produce ideal pollination conditions. Gravity and wind are crucial factors, but so is the form of her garden. Corn may be planted in lengthy rows in fields however will fair far better when planted in blocks in a backyard garden. Keep roughly one foot of an are between every corn seed and also around two feet of space between every row. Finally, regular watering and also fertilizing can aid grow healthy and balanced corn plants that are tall and also sprout ear filled v kernels. Otherwise, you operation the threat of tiny plants or ears of corn with couple of kernels.

Harvesting Corn From her Garden


Most hobbyists who prosper corn do not need committed tools or machinery to harvest their corn. You can do it by hand. Understand the ear that corn firmly, traction down, and also twist to eliminate it from the plant. Corn need to not be harvest from the plant until it’s in the “milky” stage–about three weeks ~ the tassels sprout.If friend puncture a kernel and also it produces a milky liquid, it’s prepared to harvest.

Because corn large a while, friend don’t must harvest all her corn at once. However, you execute want to complete harvesting while her plants room still in the milky stage. Once you harvest ear from a corn plant, you deserve to pull the stalks up from the soil by the root and also cut them up before adding them to your compost pile. Savings seed to tree in the adhering to yearwill not develop healthy corn plants.


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What type of corn do we eat?

Much the the corn we buy at the sector is sweet corn.

How is corn harvested?

A machine known as a integrate harvests the corn through stripping the ear from the stalks.

When room corn tree harvested?

Normally, September and also October are when you harvest corn. However, harvesting may occur previously when growing problems are particularly favorable or later if a cold feather delayed the planting.

Are popcorn plants like corn plants?

Yes! Several species of corn are used for popping, including Carousel, Gem Glass, Heirloom popcorn, and Snowpuff, among others. You plant the popcorn kernels to produce a plant similar to sweet corn.

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Is corn pertained to the popcorn plant?

Neither sweet corn no one popping corn must be perplexed with the popcorn plant, also known asSenna didymobotrya, initially from Africa and also takes its name from that buttery popcorn scent.