Styrofoam is light and comes in a whole range of different sizes and shapes, make it terrific material to use for any craft project you desire to get connected with. However, this is no the only purpose because that Styrofoam; it is additionally found in the construction industry in structural, thermal, cavity, or sound insulating panels and also is also used for packaging. Since it is so plain in appearance, it frequently requires a little touch of paint to offer it some color, but to perform this deserve to be more difficult than you think. In this article, we will be comment the question of have the right to you paint Styrofoam in every one of its shapes and also sizes.

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What Is Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a petroleum-based plastic that is created from styrene monomers. Styrofoam is formed through polymerization, whereby styrene is polished to form polystyrene, and also then a hydrofluorocarbon agent is included. This combination is climate taken and also extruded and also permitted to increase under a particular pressure, which then forms a Styrofoam board.

Styrofoam, then, is only a brand surname of closed-cell Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam, and also is likewise mentioned by the name of ‘Blue Board’.

There is a lot of confusion as soon as it concerns this product together many world think what they have actually is Styrofoam, when in fact, that is polystyrene. Take, for example, those disposable containers prefer foam cups and containers supplied for fast foods: They room not Styrofoam (XPS) but Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The EPS or polystyrene product is an extremely light, comprised mainly of air (95 percent), which renders it ideal for coffee cups, coolers, life jackets, pack material, and much more.

The XPS or Styrofoam product, on the various other hand, is a closed-cell foam that makes it right for insulation, and because that is a closed-cell product, this provides it structurally really strong. If girlfriend look in ~ EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam under a microscope, friend will view gaps between the cell that permit air and also moisture in, which additionally reduces its strength. The XPS or Styrofoam product will present no gaps between the cells, which offers it that is strength and moisture resistance.


Styrofoam is also great product because that crafts and is used global because that its versatility and also how lightweight that is. So, exactly how do you know if you have actually a Styrofoam product? You deserve to do this just by looking in ~ the Styrofoam brand trademark, which is make by DuPont, the trademark of which is registered worldwide.

You may likewise be wondering even if it is Styrofoam is recyclable. Well, the is no biodegradable, so friend cannot put it in typical recycling containers. However, it have the right to be extruded back to form solid polystyrene pellets, i beg your pardon can, in turn, be used to make items like photo frames, coat hangers, quick food packaging, and much more.

What Paint can Be provided for paint Styrofoam?

Can you repaint Styrofoam? Styro painting can be a fun task to carry out with her kids, or as one of your handmade projects. However, if you execute not monitor the correct process, it can reason your job to fail miserably.

The very an initial point to think about is making use of the right kind of paint. This means that only craft paints or Styrofoam paints deserve to be used, and also these need to specifically state the they deserve to work fine on Styrofoam. The best paint come use as soon as Styro paint is acrylic or water-based paint. This paint will not damages the Styrofoam in any method and will stick properly to the surface. Girlfriend will additionally have many of colors to select from.

There room many varieties of paint out there the contain chemicals or solvents choose acetone, toluene, tetrahydrofuran, or benzene. Using these paints on your Styrofoam will reason the chemistry to dissolve or melt the material, leaving vast craters or holes, rendering your job useless. We advise you not to use any kind of of this paints for painting Styrofoam.

Best paint for Styrofoam

As mentioned, her acrylic or water-based paints are best for Styrofoam, together anything rather will damages the Styrofoam. Listed below are a few recommended assets to help you select what friend need more easily. We have chosen the finest primer, acrylic paint, and a well-known sealer.

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Best primer for painting Styrofoam: MONTANA Gold tech Universal inside wall Spray

This primer spray by the famous Montana brand has been specially recipe for usage on hard-to-treat surfaces like styrofoam, plastic, and metal, too many various other surfaces. Thus, you will certainly be able to accomplish top-quality adhesion when using this primer, i beg your pardon will enable you to apply your choice of acrylic paints. When dry, girlfriend will have the ability to sand and also recoat the primer if vital with great ease.