With a solitary arrow, Katniss death the boy from ar 1, who speared Rue, and takes Rue"s hand. Rue provides Katniss promise the she"ll success for both that them, and then asks Katniss to sing her a song. Katniss sings a lullaby from she district, and when she"s finished, the mockingjays pick up her song. Rue dies and also Katniss realizes just exactly how much she hates the Capitol for doing this to Rue, for doing this to all of the tributes. She desires revenge top top the Capitol and wonders if there"s a method for her to carry out it. She recalls Peeta"s words about showing the Capitol the he"s not simply a piece in your Games.

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Katniss wreaths Rue"s challenge with flowers and presses the three center fingers of her left hand against her lips, speak goodbye to Rue. She decides the she will make the Careers pay because that Rue"s death and also gathers her gives to move on with the woods.

A gift concerns her: an unfamiliar bread of bread. Katniss understands that it"s from ar 11 and thanks them. The night, she dreams of Rue to sing songs and trying come speak to the mockingjays. Once she wakes, she forces herself to keep going and thinks of Peeta and also what he"ll think of her if the sees how she decorated Rue"s body, so the he"ll know she understood what he stated on the roof the night, around staying true to oneself throughout the Games. But then she remembers the she promised Rue she"d victory for the both the them, so she demands to it is in the one to make it through the Games.

She find it hard to quit thinking around the boy from ar 1 and also realizes it"s because he was her very first true kill, the very first person she took action against understanding that she strike would kill him. That bothers her to think of his friends and also family and also how she"s hurt them, just how maybe they desire revenge top top her. She thinks around Rue in order come block this thoughts out. As she settles down for sleep, a blast that trumpets fills the air, preceding an announcement from Claudius Templesmith. Templesmith announces a readjust to the rules: This year, 2 tributes can win, so lengthy as they come indigenous the same district. Katniss calls the end Peeta"s name prior to she can stop herself.


This chapter marks an essential shift in the novel. With Rue"s death, Katniss" hatred towards the Capitol and her desire for revenge against it space at their highest possible levels. She think of all the Gale had actually to say against the Capitol and how Peeta wanted to make certain he remained true come himself throughout the Games, and she understands castle both lot clearer now than she had before. Katniss is ready to take activity against the Capitol and the Careers, and also she wants to avenge Rue"s death. She promise to Rue gives her the journey to win, even much more so than her promise to Prim. The is additionally Rue"s fatality that renders Katniss desire to shame the Capitol. She does therefore by adorning Rue"s body with flowers, by reflecting this girl from another district she love, simultaneously telling the Capitol, and everybody watching, the the tributes aren"t just pieces in the Games. Together she finishes law this, a mockingjay sings Rue"s song. Both the mockingjay"s song and Katniss" actions represent the Districts" capability to defy the Capitol if just they have the right to work together.

The world of district 11 show their gratitude for Katniss" quality by sending out her a loaf of bread. This is distinctive in the Games" history; never before has a district sent a gift to a tribute the was no its own. This is precisely the type of communication that the Capitol fears. The Capitol doesn"t want the districts come unite since then they"ll possess more power and stand as a higher threat to the Capitol.

Katniss experiences her an initial intentional death in the novel, too, and also recalls exactly how Gale claimed it wouldn"t be much various than killing an animal. Katniss decides the in practice it isn"t lot different, however afterward, the emotions she experiences are really different. She says that she is able to block the boy the end of her mind, "At least, because that now," which clues at problem in her future, exactly how she"ll have actually to fight guilt later, and, perhaps, answer to the friends and families the those she killed.

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Finally, another significant change wake up in the novel and in the games when Claudius Templesmith announces that, because that the an initial time ever, two tributes can win the Games. This provides Katniss a reason to act on her feelings because that Peeta, to uncover him and also save him, while likewise offering she the possibility to have him together a hunting partner. She can rely on him in much the same means that she relied ~ above Gale in the woods earlier in ar 12. The rule adjust also signals the the Capitol and the Gamemakers space experiencing external pressure, for some reason, to do this alteration. This leads the leader to think that maybe Katniss and also Peeta"s partnership, your twinning early in the Games" opening ceremonies, has actually paid off. Probably Cinna and Haymitch knew the if the audience could see enough of Katniss and also Peeta"s affection for one another, the they would desire to watch both of castle live.