In 1999,American Pieopened in cinemas. The teen sex comedy, concentrated on a group of high college friends that vowed to lose their virginity before graduation.

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American Piewas a big hit through audiences, spawning a string of sequels and spin-offs. But what room theAmerican Piemovies and also what is the best viewing order for the films?

Let’s take a look…

TheAmerican Pieviewing order


As provided above,American Piewas the first entry in the movie series. The movie come in cinemas throughout summer ‘99 and also introduced characters such together Jim Levenstein and also Steve Stifler.

American Piestruck a chord with audiences and also proved come be crate office gold. Together such, a sequel to be put right into production, arriving in cinemas in 2001.

American Pie 2proved to be another hit, so a 3rd film was provided the go ahead. This following entry – titledAmerican Wedding– to be conceived as the last film in the collection and was to carry some closure come the story.


The films had proved famous with audiences, yet with interest waining, it was time to placed the huge screen story to bed. However, keen not to give up the brand completely, universal Studios do the decision to environment-friendly light a direct-to-DVD spin-off.

The movie –American Pie Presents: band Camp– featured a couple of personalities from the theatrical series, however largely introduced new players. The film to be to call a side-story, elevation of the three previous movies.


Band Campproved popular at retail and another entry was released the adhering to year. The movie –American Pie Presents: The naked Mile– was additionally popular and also led come two additional films:American Pie Presents: Beta HouseandAmerican Pie Presents: The publication of Love.

After 4 direct-to-DVD titles, Universal determined to recreation the theatrical movies for a fourth big screen story.American Reunionhit cinemas in 2012, and brought ago most that the original actors fromAmerican Pie.


American Reunionwas popular, yet not rather as well-known as Universal had hoped. However, this no deter the studio and a brand-new direct-to-DVD movie was eventually put right into production under the title,American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule.

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That’s a lot of moreAmerican Piemovies than you expected, isn’t it?


If you great to watch every one of theAmerican Piemovies in order, then follow this list:

American Pie(1999)American Pie 2(2001)American Wedding(2003)American Pie Presents: tape Camp(2005)American Pie Presents: The nude Mile(2006)American Pie Presents: Beta House(2007)American Pie Presents: The book of Love(2009)American Reunion(2012)American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule(2020)

It is necessary to keep in mind the theatrical movies and also the direct-to-DVD title are essentially separate entities. As such, friend can break-up them right into the adhering to two series:

American Pietheatrical movies

American Pie(1999)American Pie 2(2001)American Wedding(2003)American Reunion(2012)

American Pie Presentsmovies

American Pie Presents: band Camp(2005)American Pie Presents: The nude Mile(2006)American Pie Presents: Beta House(2007)American Pie Presents: The book of Love(2009)American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rule(2020)

You can watch all the theatrical films and ignore the DVD movies. You deserve to watch all the DVD movies and ignore the theatrical films. Or you can watch all the movie together and devour as muchAmerican Pieas you wish.