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In this activity, students kind samples right into living or non-living things.

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What provides something a living thing? to be dubbed a living thing, an object must have actually once eaten, breathed and also reproduced. A dead pet or tree is thought about a life thing also though the is no alive.

Our seaside temperate rainforest is full of living and also non-living points which communicate to create a complete and also stable ecosystem.When one tree dies and also falls over, it becomes a home and also provides nutrients for other living things. We contact a fallen log with new plants farming on that a nurse log.

Living contents of a woodland include:

plants (e.g. Trees, ferns, mosses)animals (e.g. Mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians)fungibacteria

Nonliving points in a woodland include:

rockswater and rainsunlightair


explain the simple needs of life things


Key Questions

What walk an pet need come survive? What does a plant need to survive? exactly how are plant and also animal needs different? The same? space plants and animals both life things? comment on how you might tell.

What to Do

division the class into small groups.Ask each group to kind their samples right into two piles: living and also non-living. Together a group, they should come up with some common characteristics for each group.As a class, walk over the sorting and also come up through a class definition for living points and non-living things.

​Teacher Tip: If you have actually time, take the students outside to see if lock can uncover living and also non-living points in their own school yard.

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take it the course on a woodland walk. Have students record the living and non-living things they see, and then talk about the interpretations they come up through to aid them type what lock observed.
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