This team isn't for online or anything, just completing the video game 100% (excluding capturing all. That's a much longer job.)

The Team is:







Firstly, I desire to below a Gyarados with Dragon run in for someone, who have to I eliminate to make space? Was thinking Lapras since you cant gain him until later on in the video game on Fire Red :(

Secondly, what is the optimal relocate sets for this team?

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Charizard: flamethrower, fly, steel claw/brick break, filler

Jolteon: thunderbolt, bite, double kick, thunder wave

Lapras: surf, ice cream beam, psychic, filler (sing, toxic, shock wave)

Snorlax: body slam, shadow ball, brick break, filler (rest, strength, amnesia, hyper beam?)

Nidoking: sludge bomb, dig/earthquake, rock slide, megahorn

Vileplume: petal dance, sleep powder, moonlight, filler (poison powder/see what hidden power friend get?)

If you take it Articuno instead of Lapras, teach surf to Nidoking. Lapras is a much better choice though. Ns wouldn't introduce Gyarados because that ingame- his special strike is poor, so water moves space bad, and also he has actually a very shallow physics movepool come abuse dragon dance. So late earthquake, thrash or strength or body slam and also that's pretty much it.

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Well, what else have to I change it with, Gyarados deserve to apparently wreck E4 single handedly once played appropriate with Dragon Dance

I'm no going come comment on any kind of of the others, however you shouldn't take out lapras. The reality that you are choosing between lapras and also articuno describes that you space choosing in between two the the same kind of mon. No, I'm no talking around water/ice, I'm talking around the fact that articuno have the right to learn mind reader and also sheer cold, and lapras deserve to learn 3 ohko moves. My pointer is that you EV train the shit out of both of them in speed, and also then placed them in the first and 2nd slots v this relocate set:

Articuno: Mind reader Sheer cold Blizzard fly (unless you put fly top top charizard in which case use ice beam or a water move)

Lapras: Horn Drill sheer Cold Fissure Surf/Aqua Tail (preferably surf due to the fact that you should get around somehow)

Take out Gyarados, he's not worth it unless you're gonna invest 3 or 4 transforms using dragon run to use aqua tail (not surf due to the fact that it's a one-of-a-kind move) two or 3 times. If you follow these directions friend will have a smooth ride to the finish my friend