What level should I evolve growlithe in fire red?

Growlithe gets Flamethrower at level 49 ; Arcanine gets Extremespeed in ~ level 49. You’ll more than likely want Extremespeed, for this reason you’re better off evolving the earlier and also getting Flamethrower via TM. If friend don’t have a TM handy and also want an alternate Fire attack, wait until level 31 when Growlithe learns flame Wheel.

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Can arcanine learn excessive speed ~ level 34?

First the all, Growlithe is a great fire type Pokemon, and also when evolved to Arcanine, this way you deserve to have a Pokemon with great potential. Yet the difficulty with Arcanine is that he can’t learn brand-new moves after getting to level 34 and learned the last strike extreme speed.

Can arcanine learn too much speed?

In this generation, Arcanine technically learns extreme Speed in ~ level 1; therefore, he deserve to learn this move any kind of time he evolves native Growlithe.

Does arcanine learn Flare Blitz?

An Arcanine does not naturally learn Flare Blitz, therefore the relocate Relearner can not teach the Flare Blitz. Growlithe needs to learn the move before evolution.

Can arcanine find out moves ~ evolution?

Yes. In ~ its evolutionary line, Growlithe is the only Pokémon to discover moves. Upon evolving into Arcanine, you’re stuck with whatever moves it has at present and a swimming pool of move it had actually learned normally in the past, wait to be retaught. Likewise, Pikachu is the exact same way.

Is Thunder Fang a great move because that arcanine?

For rapid Attacks, the move will change depending on offense or defense. If players want a defensive Arcanine, Thunder Fang need to be used. Despite Arcanine is a Fire-Type Pokemon, the Electric-based Fast assault gives the Pokemon some versatility. Fire Fang is the ideal offensive option to use.

What attacks does arcanine learn?

Moves learnt by level up

1Burn UpFire

Is frustration a good move?

No. Disappointed is weaker than some quick attacks, and also is the worst charged relocate in the game.

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What Pokemon perform you rescue from cliff?

Cliff offers Shadow Aerodactyl as his an initial Pokémon. Cliff’s 2nd Pokémon have the right to be shadow Gallade, shadow Cradily or zero Slowking. Cliff’s 3rd Pokemon can be shadow Tyranitar, shadow Mamoswine or shadow Dusknoir.