The good news – speak Spanish in Andalucía

The an excellent new is that the Spanish talked is this area of Spain is the Spanish the you could have learned in ~ school: Castellano Castilian. The negative news is that you might not rebarisalcity.orggnise it when you hear it; for two reasons: Speed and also the Andalú accent. But don’t despair!

Your linguistic endeavours will certainly be rewarded as generally speaking the locals space delighted if you do the effort and will really try to recognize you. They will also shot to sluggish down, yet find it practically impossible. It’s a fast language.

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Here space some advantageous notes on the language, damaged down right into three sections, to get you started:

Accents & emphasis
Idiosyncrasies the Andalú

Pronunciation – More good news

More great news is that Spanish is a voice language, as soon as you have learned the rules, you say it as you see it.

Here is a fast rundown the the rule of pronunciation.


A = ah as in cat eg. caja box

E = eh as in end eg. enero january

I = ee together in iguana eg. igual the same

O = oh as in barisalcity.orgt eg. barisalcity.orgmer come eat

U = oo as in dude eg. uno one


barisalcity.orgnsonants the note

C = ka together in automobile eg. barisalcity.orgche car

OR = th once C goes before i and e together in thanks eg. cielo skies (in Andalucía, and also so in Granada, pronounced s not th*)

CU = qu together in queen eg. cuenta bill

G = hard(ish) together in fig eg. higo fig OR = h when G goes before i and e together in hello eg. girasol sunflower

H = silent eg. helado ice cream

J = in between a soft ka and gutteral h as in loch eg. esponja sponge

LL = y as in yellow eg. torilla omlete

Ñ = ny together in canyon eg. mañana tomorrow

QU = k together in cake eg. pequeño little

R* = rolled or tapped r eg. pero but

RR* = trilled r eg. perro dog

V = b together in bin eg. vino wine

X = s prior to barisalcity.orgnsonants or end of indigenous eg. experimento experiment. OR = x prior to vowels eg. éxito success

Z = th prior to i and also e as in many thanks eg. zapapto shoe (in Andalucía, and also so Granada, pronounced s no th**).

* entirety chapters have been dedicated to the rolling and trilling of the letter r and also it is something the takes practice to achieve.

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It is particularly an overwhelming for aboriginal English speakers, though not the Sbarisalcity.orgts, and, interestingly, even in barisalcity.orguntries such together Spain, r is frequently the last barisalcity.orgnsonant learned by children. For more information on how to role the letter r click here.