Not many pets embody unabashed fun, childlike intelligence and curiosity quite favor monkeys. It’s simple to clearly picture chimpanzees swinging with the rainforest trees chattering and howling in their own special language. And also no one caricatures and also captures the essence of animals like Disney animation and live-action productions. As the Chinese new Year — 2016 being the Year of the Monkey — approaches, let’s take a closer look at some famous Disney simians.

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Where would our hero Aladdin be without Abu? Most most likely Aladdin would still be grounding in the dungeons the Agrabah! Abu’s quick-wittedness and also humor space what make him one of Disney’s best monkeys. However ,besides being Aladdin’s side kick and also number one pal, Abu has actually some an extremely interesting tidbits that trivia. Did you know…..?

Before conference Aladdin, Abu worked for a traveling circus the thieves. Naturally, Abu was the choose pocket.Abu met his finest bud Aladdin while attempting to pick pocket him during a circus performance.The name Abu way father in Arabic and also is taken into consideration an epithet because that the ax men.In old Egyptian, Abu means elephant. Hmm… no Abu transform right into one that these?Abu is modeled ~ a capuchin monkey. Capuchins are known to be really smart and often in trouble.Voice actor Frank Welker listed the sound Abu makes. Other credits for Welker include the monkey in Raiders of the lost Ark.


Another famous and also colorful monkey can be uncovered in The Lion King. Rafiki action in a shamanistic role within the lion pride, giving sage advice come Mufasa and, eventually, Simba. In ~ times, Rafiki deserve to be utterly silly, making use of humor to emphasis his allude while other times he has a quality of various other worldliness. Over there is definitely an ext than meets the eye wherein Rafiki is concerned! Did friend know…?

Rafiki is modeled ~ a mandrill/baboon cross.The surname Rafiki way “friend” in Swahili — a fitting name for this character.Before Mufasa’s rein of the proud Lands, Rafiki was a traveler examining the afri lands. As soon as he got to the pride Lands, a juvenile corridor of hyenas (Ed, Shenzi and also Banzai) attacked him. Rafiki was conserved by Ahadi – dad to Mufasa and also Scar and ruler the the land.Rafiki’s chant “asante sana squash banana, wewe nugu, mimi hapana” is one actual chant heard through the movie makers during a Kenyan research study trip.According to Robert Guillaume, the voice actor because that Rafiki, Rafiki’s accent was produced during a failed attempted in ~ a Jamaican accent.At one point, Rafiki presume the Gyam Mudra yoga pose. This place represents knowledge and also wisdom.


It may seem like I’ve over looked a few of the more legendary animated characters such as King Louie (from The tropical Book) and also Terk (from Tarzan) however neither space truly monkeys! (Honestly, ns never gave the species distinction much assumed until researching this post!) King Louie, and also orangutan, and also Terk, a gorilla, belong to the ape family and are not considered true monkeys. Scientists have recognized a couple of glaring distinctions that do it basic to distinguish in between the 2 species. A couple of of the distinctions are:

Apes carry out not have tails are typically larger. Chimpanzees have lengthy prehensile tails that they use as secondary appendage when swinging from tree limb to tree limb.Apes rely an ext heavily on their vision protest to sense of smell. The is why apes noses tend to be short and broad.Apes are qualified of producing tools and also using language to connect with every other.

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If you space still in search of some an ext monkey madness, make sure to examine out several of Disney’s other films such as Monkey Kingdom and Chimpanzee. Both take a “true life adventure” look at various simian types and document their quest for survival.

Happy Lunar new Year!

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