Neal Caffrey, that USA’s White Collar, is the king of prime time television format (besides our favorite 1950s advertisement executive). Matched through his irresistible and innovative charm, his format shines soon in a means that no one can ignore. And sure, no everyone deserve to be Neal Caffrey, yet with this tips, you can at the very least mimic his style.

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1. The fitted Suit

Neal Caffrey always sports a fitted suit. This creates a sleek look that accentuates his trim torso and wide shoulders. He plays with pattern and color, wearing everything from hard suits to pen stripes and even a thin, checked pattern come replicate a 1930s-50s look. Navy suits space making a comback appropriate now, so be certain to think about this Caffrey-color together your following suit option.

You could not be able to find a Caffrey-quality fit at a room store, so you should always get your suit tailored to your form (no matter the price of the suit). Because that tips on going to a tailor, inspect these out.

2. The dress Shirt

If that doesn’t have actually a button, he doesn’t have actually it on. Neal deals an especially with solid and also striped dress shirts. (For advice on exactly how to mix and also match dress shirts with your suit, be sure to review up ~ above this post.) The up-and-down stripes the Caffrey wears assist that sleek look, and also he’ll present off his class with traditional solid white. As with his suits, his shirts room slim fit, too.

To find slim fit shirts for a guy on a budget, it’s as basic as a pilgrimage to Macy’s. Check out this this shirt for under $30.

3. The Tie

Neal Caffrey has a parade of ties, and each one is paired with the perfect tie clip. (For those that you simply diving into the people of tie clips, be sure to read up on how to stay one so girlfriend don’t chaos it up.) Neal is a classy fella, therefore no duck, Looney Toons, or American flag prints (unless it’s the fourth of July). He normally keeps his ties solid or striped (just choose his shirts), and also they always complement the outfit together a whole.

If you’re trying to find an affordable location to find both a tie and also clip, us love this site.

4. The tiny Things

There’s a lot walk on in Neal Caffrey’s wardrobe, and it’s hard to store up (in a an excellent way). So right here are every the small details that issue so much: the watch, bag square, cuff links, and the seemingly permanent 5 o’clock shadow.

For an cheap watch the you’ll be certain to get compliments on, Target has a good selection between $30-$40, and also pocket ties and also cufflinks space usually inexpensive. As for the 5 o’clock shadow, you can acquire that for free.

5. The Hat


Neal Caffrey is one very an excellent reason why space coming back. He wears them in all colors, from steel gray to sleek black. And lucky because that you, we know where to discover the perfect topper.

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Take a peek at our, and also you’ll definitely have a tiny Caffrey pep in your action the next time you fit up.

Here are two fedora hats that are an extremely similar:

Henschel Melton structure Gentleman Fedora Hat