The brand-new Juice development Bar in Pasadena is of the Jamba Juice brand, but nothing about it feels like a classic Jamba Juice. The room is vast open v high ceilings, and has a vast wrap-around bar whereby you deserve to sit if you gain your juice flights, cold-pressed smoothies, quinoa bowls, and more. Here’s what the juice creation bar has been functioning on.

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Cold-Pressed juice do in-store

The new concept functions 8 cold-pressed recipes, made appropriate in-store on their CT7 advertisement cold-press machines. The juices are offered in 15 oz bottles for $6.99, or if you want to shot them all, order among their juice flights and also they current you every one of their spices in eight little glasses on one elegant platter for tasting.

The new Jamba Juice offers two CT7 cold-press juicers. The version with the silver- front is among the very an initial machines manufactured in 2015.

Cold-Pressed smoothies

The brand-new concept includes 6 options of “cold-pressed smoothies”, which room smoothies made v a basic of cold-pressed juice. The cold-pressed smoothies save on computer no dairy or soy.

New food options

Traditionally Jamba Juice no offer any food alternatives made-to-order, however their new concept attributes delicious quinoa bowls, salads, sandwiches, and also other options.

New food alternatives include quinoa bowls

What walk this mean for smoothie bars in the future?

As some people know, I have actually a solid opinion that the days of being a successful business only offering juice or smoothies space over. You should offer a wide range of products including juice, smoothies, food options, and coffee. Jamba Juice has nailed it on this one, and also I can only hope that their franchisees take on the model nation-wide.

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While ns was sitting at the bar tasting juice and munching ~ above a quinoa salad, my brothers Eric looked in ~ me and also said, “If I had actually one the these close to me I would eat there all the time.” ns nodded my head in agreement and also smiled together I got to for the next juice in the flight.