what island is the boots of italy kicking?

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what island is the boot of italy kicking?


Welcome to Sicily

Eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous island of Sicily proceeds to seduce travellers with its dazzling diversity the landscapes and social treasures.

From the sea to the mountains and also countryside, indigenous the volcanos to the fishing villages, there are really numerous reasons why come visit Sicily.

As Frederick II, King of Sicily, as soon as said: “I don’t envy God’s paradise, because I’m well satisfied come live in Sicily”.

Which are the stages you cannot miss in a pilgrimage to Sicily?

The places to point out would be so many yet the optimal ten of the most emblematic places in the an ar cannot however include:

1. Taormina: one asylum because that artists, in a summary position in between the sea and the mountains, the a sleek town, the holds impressive treasures, choose its remarkable Greek Theatre

2. Ragusa Ibla: that the oldest quarter in the city the Ragusa, the rises from the peak of a hill in the Hyblaean Mountains, boasting much more than fifty churches and also noble palaces

3. Scala dei Turchi: through its white cliff rising over the blue sea is among the most beautiful beaches all over Sicily

4. Aeolian Islands: seven islands, one various from another, with dreamy beaches and also coves and two energetic volcanoes whereby to walk trekking

5. Syracuse and also the island that Ortigia: an extraordinary arts city with among the largest archaeological areas in the Mediterranean

6. Palermo: from the Norman to the Arab style, native the Greek come the Spanish attestations, the capital of the an ar is a melting pot that cultures and a ar of vivid street markets

7. Agrigento and also the valley of the Temples: the city is a popular destination thanks come its perfectly kept archaeological park, the biggest in the world

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8. Noto: that the unquestioned resources of the Sicilian Baroque, v an artistic heritage make of stunning churches and palaces

9. Lampedusa: boasts a jaw-dropping sea and also beautiful beaches, choose the “Rabbit Island”, ranked among the most beautiful in the world

10. San Vito Lo Capo and also the Zingaro Reserve: the western finish of the island stop astonishing beaches, unique archaeological sites and also a sensational nature, choose the Zingaro Reserve

In the list of the Unesco’s human being Heritage sites over there are seven Sicilian places:

in addition to the Baroque cities Noto, Modica and also Ragusa, the Aeolian Islands, the sink of the holy places in Agrigento and Syracuse with the rock-cut Necropolis that Pantalica, this prestigious award to be obtained also by mountain Etna – being one of the most symbolic and energetic volcanos in the civilization -, the Villa Romana del Casale, in Piazza Armerina, e il Arab-Norman Palermo and also the Cathedral church of Cefalù and also Monreale, one itinerary v the Norman-Arab history of good artistic value.


Sicily has 4 airports (Catania, Palermo, Trapani and also Comiso) with straight connections to and from all significant Italian and also European cities and also two minor airports (Pantelleria and Lampedusa).

The international Catania–Fontanarossa Airport

is located around 8 kilometers away from the center of Catania and is the biggest airport in Sicily. From the airport, you deserve to reach the city center by bus in about 40 minutes. The is also feasible to reach many other localities in Sicily through coach:

AST: connect the airport come the districts of Avola, Caltagirone, Carlentini, Grammichele, Ispica, Lentini, Mazzarrone, Mirabella Imbaccari, Modica, Noto, Palagonia, Piazza Armerina, Pozzallo, Rosolini, S. Michele di Ganzaria, Scicli and also Sigonella.

Circumetnea: connect the airport to Adrano, Misterbianco, Paternò, Randazzo, Linguaglossa, Fiumefreddo and other bordering districts.

what island is the boots of italy kicking?

Etna Trasporti: connects the airport come Aidone, Fiumefreddo, Gela, Giardini Naxos, Recanati, Licata, Piazza Armerina, Ragusa, Marina di Ragusa, S. Croce Camerina, Taormina, Valguarnera and Vizzini.

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Giuntabus: from April to September associate the airport to the port of Milazzo in connection with ferries and also hydrofoils come the Aeolian Islands.

Interbus: connects the airport come Agira, Avola, Catenuova, Leonforte, Nicosia, Nissoria, Noto, Pachino, Portopalo, Priolo, Regalbuto and also Syracuse.

SAIS Trasporti: connect the airport to Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Canicattì.

SAIS Autolinee: connect the airport come Enna, Messina and Palermo.

Autolinee Giamporcaro:

connects the Catania Airport to the Comiso Airport.

The international Palermo Airport is the second airport in the region, situated 35 kilometers away from Palermo. You deserve to reach the city facility by bus or through the Trinacria refer train (travel time around 45 minutes). That is feasible to reach various other localities by coach:

Segesta Autolinee: operates relationships from the Palermo Airport to Trapani and Marsala.

Sal Autolinee: operates relations from the Palermo Airport to Agrigento and Porto Empedocle.

Autolinee Gallo: operates connections from the Palermo Airport come Menfi, Ribera, Sciacca.

The Trapani Airport is about 20 kilometers far from the city facility of Trapani. It provides connections by coach come Trapani all various other destinations in Sicily:

AST: operates connections between the Trapani Airport and also downtown Trapani.

Autoservizi Salemi: operates connections in between the Trapani Airport and Palermo.

Autolinee Lumia: operates connections in between the Trapani Airport and Agrigento.

The Comiso Airport

opened in 2013, is 5 kilometers far from the town of Comiso and 15 kilometers native Ragusa. That operates relations by coach to all major destinations in Sicily:

Tuminobus: operates connections to Ragusa, Marina di Ragusa, Casuzze, Punta Secca, S. Croce Camerina.

Autolinee Giamporcaro: operates relationships to Vittoria, Comiso, Lentini, Catania and the Catania Airport.

Etna Trasporti: operates relations to Gela, Vittoria, BV Chiaramonte Gulfi.

Autolinee SAL: operates connections to Agrigento, Porto Empedocle, Palma di Montechiaro, Licata, Gela.


Many companies run ferry services to/from Sicily and other Italian regions:

SNAV: the Snav ferries to Sicily room high-speed ferries the operates on the routes Naples-Palermo and Civitavecchia-Palermo.

what island is the boots of italy kicking?

GRANDI NAVI VELOCI: operates connections to Palermo indigenous Genoa, Rome-Porto di Civitavecchia and also Naples.

TIRRENIA: operates connections in between Cagliari and Palermo and from neapolitan to Palermo.

SIREMAR: operates relations by ferry and hydrofoil native Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands, from Palermo come Ustica, native Trapani come the Aegadian Islands and to Pantelleria, from Porto Empedocle to Lampedusa and Linosa.

GRIMALDI LINES: operates relations from Livorno come Palermo and from Salerno to Catania and Palermo.

TTTLINES: operates connections from Trapani and Marsala come the Aegadian Islands, from Messina, Milazzo, Naples, Palermo, Salerno, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia to the Aeolian Islands and from Porto Empedocle to Linosa and also Lampedusa.


The Trenitalia trains attach Sicily to the rest of Italy. Neighborhood trains attach all Sicily’s provinces. The Ferrovia Circumetnea manages the railway line Catania-Randazzo-Riposto.


Sicily (Italian: Sicilia ; Sicilian: Sicilia ) is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy. It is just one of the 5 Italian autonomous regions and also is officially referred to as Regione Siciliana. The region has 5 million inhabitants. Its capital city is Palermo.

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The island is drained by number of rivers, most of which circulation through the main area and enter the sea in ~ the southern of the island. The Salso operation through components of Enna and Caltanissetta before entering the Mediterranean Sea at the port of Licata. To the east, the Alcantara flows through the district of Messina and also enters the sea in ~ Giardini Naxos, and also the Simeto, i m sorry flows right into the Ionian Sea southern of Catania. Other essential rivers on the island room the Belice and also Platani in the southwest.