In the movie Kung Fu Panda, in the last fight scene in between Po & Tai Lung, Po loss Tai Lung utilizing Wuxi Finger hold. Every we watch in the movie is a relax of energy & puff the dust moving radially outward. What exactly happens come Tai Lung? Does that die/vaporize/incapacitated?

Also, is this Wuxi Finger hold a script-writer"s development or does it exist in truth or in mythical KungFu scriptures?


The Wuxi Finger hold does not exist in fact or also in mythical Kung fu scriptures.It"s a manuscript writer"s creation. However it is inspired by some real stuff choose Touch that Death. It claims

The 2008 animated Wuxia parody Kung Fu Panda depicts a "Wuxi Finger Hold", in i m sorry holding an opponent by one finger to produce an massive shockwave of energy.

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Also, if friend look into the Kunfu Panda wikia you will find this -

In a Scholastic News virtual interview v "Po", as soon as asked about the hardest move for him come learn, Po answer it was the Wuxi Finger Hold and also states that Shifu told that (after having beat Tai Lung with it) the there actually is no together move; that was simply a story the masters consisted of to scare your students. Po included that he can"t recall exactly how he did it, yet he feel he need to practice.

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One solid message of the movie is the "There is no secret". This is placed forth v the scroll as well as the an enig ingredient soup. Native this ns think us can number that the Wushi finger hold is no really a secret.

Also, native the method Master Shifu offers it come induce are afraid in Po, that seems prefer a mostly mental technique.

If you monitor the fight in between Po and also Tai Lung, you can see the it is mostly Tai-Lung damaging himself through his own energy. Po merely throws ago Tai-Lung"s energy.

What the Wushi finger host does is create fear in an currently agitated Tai Lung who says that girlfriend are just a panda, friend can"t defeat me.This fear coupled v the reality that Tai-Lung really "believes" in the existence of the Wushi finger hold, develop in Tai-Lung a very strong belief the Po can ruin him if that finger moves.

The actual relocate is just a trigger I mean for Tai-Lung to give his own body the command for me destruction. The skadoosh is probably to denote psychological devastation of the enemy.

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Obviously, this is still an man movie and the really skadoosh was not shown, therefore we space all merely make interpretations.