In layman’s terms, viscosity defines a fluid’s resistance to flow. The greater the viscosity that a liquid, the thicker the is and also the greater the resistance come flow. Temperature will impact the viscosity of many materials.

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What does viscosity median to you when picking a mold rubber? If you room using a mold rubber v a high viscosity, over there is a opportunity the rubber will cure v air bubbles that may then be reflect in a finished casting. If the mixed viscosity of the mold rubber you are using is higher than 15,000 cps, you might want to consider vacuum degassing the liquid mold rubber.

What walk viscosity median to girlfriend when picking a casting resin? If you room using a spreading resin with a high viscosity, over there is a opportunity the spreading will entrap air. Wait bubbles might then be reflect in a finished casting. This is specifically true if the resin has actually high viscosity and short pot life. If the combined viscosity that the spreading resin you room using is higher than 7,500 cps, you might want to think about vacuum degassing or pressure casting the resin.


70°F / 21°C
1centipoise (cps)
Blood or Kerosene10centipoise (cps)
Ethylene Glycol or Anti-Freeze15centipoise (cps)
Motor Oil (SAE 10)50centipoise (cps)
Corn Oil65centipoise (cps)
Unfilled strict Urethane Resin80 - 120centipoise (cps)
Maple Syrup or engine Oil (SAE 30)150 - 200centipoise (cps)
Castor Oil or motor Oil (SAE 40)250 - 500centipoise (cps)
Glycerin or motor Oil (SAE 60)1,000 - 2,000centipoise (cps)
Pourable Urethane Rubbers1,000 - 3,000centipoise (cps)
Honey or Corn Syrup2,000 - 3,000centipoise (cps)
Molasses5,000 - 10,000centipoise (cps)
Chocolate Syrup10,000 - 25,000centipoise (cps)
Pourable Silicone Rubber14,000 - 40,000centipoise (cps)
Ketchup or Mustard50,000 - 70,000centipoise (cps)
Brushable Silicone Rubber100,000 - 150,000centipoise (cps)
Peanut Butter or Tomato Paste150,000 - 250,000centipoise (cps)
Brushable Urethane Rubber200,000 - 300,000centipoise (cps)
Lard or Crisco Shortening1,000,000 - 2,000,000centipoise (cps)
Caulking Compound5,000,000 - 10,000,000centipoise (cps)
Window Putty100,000,000centipoise (cps)

These are general averages and NOT specifics, not all assets fit neatly in this chart. Please inspect Technical Bulletins for details mixed viscosity that products. Temperature will influence the viscosity of many materials, these approximated numbers are based on measurements at 73°F / 23°C

Click right here to download a pdf of the Viscosity Scale referral Guide.

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