A man, together with his dog, wanted to get to a mining camp wherein his friends had been waiting for him. That knew that once he acquired to the mining camp, he would enjoy delicious bacon and the warm of campfires. Before the guy made his journey, an old-timer reminded that under no circumstance have to one go to Yukon. Nevertheless, the male ignored the advice fan to his notion that the old timer was just womanish and also powerless. The knew the there was no sunlight while he to be traveling. The lack of the sun did not seem to concern the man. That was only the dog who showed up to consciousness the risk of the an extremely cold weather in Yukon. The man was adequately shocked as soon as his saliva had actually frozen even before it fight the ground. The man did not know exactly how crazily cold the weather could be. He started to be much more aware that the weather together his finger went numb. He quit for a while to construct a fire to feeling the warm it might radiate. When he was sitting, he believed how good and brave he to be to travel alone in Yukon as soon as nobody rather dared. The dog, on the other hand, maintained wondering even if it is they had to continue the trip on together an certainly cold day. The dog go not desire to leave the warm radiated by the fire when the man obtained up to continue walking. The man harshly compelled the dog to leaving the fire somehow.

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As the man was walking, he broke through the ice unintentionally. Accordingly, his legs were wet and also he felt favor his legs were frozen. There was nothing rather he want to do other than to construct a fire. He took the end his enhance from his pocket while looking for a place to sit under for a while. The cooler the weather was, the more he was reminded the the old-timer from sulfur creek.

Rising ActionThe man was sit under a spruce tree whose branches were covered by clumps the snow. Together he was feeling the warm of the fire, the warmth of the fire caused the clumps of eye to melt. Together a result of this, the clumps of snow dropped down, placing out the fire. He quit to think how unlucky that was due to the fact that the fire he developed was gone. Besides, he additionally thought how stupid he had been for no being aware of the spruce tree through clumps of snow on its branches. His fingers to be so numb the it was really hard because that his finger to make movements. He attempted to build a fire again. That took out his box of matches. He might not even take a solitary match indigenous the box because of his really cold fingers. What the did instead was to take it a solitary match from package by means of his teeth. But hard the tried to irradiate it, he might not. Having actually no other choice, he tried come light all the matches simultaneously. Consequently, the successfully constructed a fire. The no sooner did a stupid point than he built a fire. Since of his carelessness, that scattered them and the fire to be pathetically gone.


He did not have any type of match to build a fire anymore. The realized that there was no other way he could construct a fire, making that feel substantially desperate. The case got much more serious than before. He had to find what could possibly do his body warm one way or another. Otherwise, he would inevitably die. Then, he uncovered a crazily glowing idea to death the dog so the he might put his hands within the dog’s warmth body. That looked in ~ the dog carefully and called out to him. The dog seemed to neglect the man, yet suddenly the dog approached the guy after the dog had been frightened enough by the man’s fearful voice. That tried to handle the dog and also kill it by attempting to offer a killer be afflicted with hug. The failed anyway. The next attempt was to kill the dog by means of his knife. Without his flexible fingers, he can not use the knife to death the dog. That let the dog go and also ended up providing up death the dog. The tried to operation to the mining camp as rapid as he might in really hopes of restoring the blood circulation in his body. The camp was no so far away indigenous the male at the time. All he wanted was to obtain to the camp and block the end the believed that he would die shortly enough. Unfortunately, that felt that his feet started to obtain frozen. He could not operation anymore and decided to take a remainder for rather some time. Having had sufficient rest, he compelled himself to walk. That soon dropped down again. Panicking, he operation again because that the critical time. He dropped down again miserably.

Falling Action

As the man knew the he had no other means to succeed in getting to the mining camp, he made decision to meet death with dignity. The remembered the the told-timer native sulfur creek reminded him around the hazard of traveling alone in Yukon when it was as well cold. He can find himself being surrounded by his friends from mining camp. That genuinely admitted that the old timer was fully right and yet that did not seem to feeling regretful for what he had done for this reason far. Having made this sincere admission, he died.



The dog was still sitting beside the man. Never had the dog checked out a guy sitting that method in such a an extremely cold day without structure a fire. The dog to be confused about what exactly was walk on. The dog looked in ~ the man very closely and also smelled the fatality on the man. After that, the dog howled and also soon run in the direction of the mining camp where it knew it could enjoy bacon and also the warm of fire.


The man: The personality of the male is confidently stubborn due to the fact that he ignores a item of advice native the old-timer. Besides, he is for this reason perseverant that he keeps trying in spite of difficulties. The guy is the protagonist in the story, an interpretation that that is the main character of the story. The is in external problem with the nature. The nature, therefore, is taken into consideration to it is in the antagonist. There are a lot of tiny chances make by the nature to kill the man. The guy seems to also have internal conflict with himself because he go not desire to feel regretful because that ignoring the old-timer’s advice. That tries as ideal he can to prove the he has made a right decision to neglect that advice. The advance of the man is static since he has changed nothing native the an extremely beginning come the end of the story. He stays stubborn transparent the story. The illustration of this personality is significant because the is the protagonist and also plays a very important function in the story. The next of the male is flat. The guy does not satisfy many personalities so that is not straightforward to obtain solid proof for the man’s level side. However, looking in ~ the man’s character in the story, it can be claimed that it is flat. In addition, the personality is not explained in detail.

The dog: The dog is rather faithful to the man since he accompanies the guy to take trip in Yukon despite the danger. The dog has no conflict in this story. The breakthrough of this character is the exact same with the man, i m sorry is static. The dog has made no changed at all. The appearance of the dog is significant because the is always in addition to the man, that is the main character of the story. The next of the dog is flat. The dog always accompanies the man and has presented different perspective towards no body.

The old-timer native sulfur creek: The old-timer is a wise and also caring person. The old-timer is in no conflict. The the old –timer offers advice come the man is no dispute whatsoever. The breakthrough of this character is static because the old timer remains the very same all the time. The figure of this character is minor together the old-timer go not show up in the story as much as the man and also the dog do. The next of the old-timer is flat. Despite the boy appearance in the story, the old-timer have the right to be considered as a wise man. A way man mainly shows the same perspective towards everybody.

The boys (the friends wait in the camp): The boys have no specific character. The boys do not have any conflict. The breakthrough of the boys’ character is static because they are waiting in the camp all the time and also there is no factor to say the their characters have changed. The appearance of the boys is minor due to the fact that they only come in ~ the finish of the story. They seem to have met no body. It is obvious to say the their side is flat.

Point that view

The story supplies the third point the view rather of the an initial point that view because the narrator go not usage the pronoun ‘I’. The pronoun is provided when the story offers the first point the view, in i beg your pardon the narrator take away a function in the story. This story go not use the pronoun ‘I’; therefore, it uses the 3rd point that view. The suggest of see in this story is not minimal but omniscient for some reasons. The narrator seems to know everything in the story. Not only does the narrator know what is happening, but also what the characters are thinking about. “The dog knew the it was no time because that traveling” proves why the narrator is omniscient. “He paused because that breath at the top, excusing the act to self by looking at his watch” is another proof. The omniscience that the narrator can additionally be viewed by exactly how the narrator judges the man, make the reader feel that the narrator knows everything around the man before he dares come judge. The narrator in this story is heterodiegetic due to the fact that the narrator is not affiliated in the story in ~ all.


Place: The stoker takes place in Yukon, a place somewhere in Alaska. The setting is really vital in the story. The readers have the right to feel just how cold the weather in Yukon is. When the narrator tells that the fingers of the guy went numb, the readers begin to imagine what that feels like. The setting plays crucial role since it not just makes the reader emotionally affiliated in the story, but also makes the reader physically feeling what the male is emotion in the story. Over there is a relevancy in between the setup and the title. If the setup were in a location with hot weather, it would not do so lot relation come the location “To build a fire”.

Time: that is during the great Klondike gold Rush when there were a very large number of people who to be eager trying to find fortune.

Social: together a issue of fact, the social setting of this story does not depict any strong social value. Exactly how everybody behaves in the story is not different from most civilization in the world. The social setting in this story is not lot of a particular social setting.

Tone and Style

The tone provided by the narrator in this story is candid and also unemotional. The narrator tells every little thing as the method they are, without lot emotion involved. Sometimes, the narrator is spatu to part extent. The narrator judges the man based upon what the narrator thinks. The writing format used through Jack London as the writer is direct and straightforward. The writer tells nearly everything come the suggest whereas other writers often tend to make points quite complex so the it needs the readers to think critically. Despite the straightforward creating style, the sentence construction and the words make the readers imagine the instance in the story an extremely vividly. Consequently, the reader feel together if there were in story and also could place themselves together the guy in the Yukon.


In this story, fire represents life. The story provides the readers somehow feel how important fire is. The guy tries as hard as he could to develop a fire since he knows the the existence of fire is what can make him endure in such a cold day. Fire is definitely essential, which is why the lack of that could bring misfortune come the man.

Hands, on the various other hand, represent power. The man could not death his dog since of his numb hands. One is powerless and also defenseless without having actually much manage of hands.


The template of this story is about persistence. It says that persistence is important while afford a goal. The man is surely persistent to walk to the mining camp, however his gift unaware that his surroundings puts him in danger. The is additionally overly confident and stubborn to have ignored the old-timer’s advice. No matter how hard one do the efforts to obtain something, if the target does not make sense and is no realistic, he will fail one means or another. One demands to be persistent and aware the his surroundings.

Other important things to discuss

Type of setup in the story is foreshadowing. The story provides foreshadowing due to the fact that there are a variety of hints that what is going to occur next in the story. One of the ideas is when the readers space told about the dog’s instinct the it is much better not to travel in Yukon in together a cold day. The 2nd one is the old-timer’s advice that under no circumstance need to one go to Yukon there is no companion as soon as it is really cold. In the center of the story, the readers space made surer about the trueness the the previously hints due to the fact that of coincidentally unlucky cases the guy experiences. The usage of foreshadowing in this story is amazingly perfect due to the fact that it build up the climax.

The title of the story is to build a fire. The location is in to infinitive kind instead that gerund form. This many likely says that it focuses more on the effort to develop a fire fairly than the success in building a fire. Top top the other hand, it also way that the process of structure a fire is unfinished.

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“To develop a fire” is a very nice story come read. Not only does it have actually a plot i m sorry is well built, however it additionally has a deep an interpretation or a ethical lesson to convey. Seldom could such a story be found in this days. The usage of foreshadowing is amazingly perfect since it build up the climax. This story teaches the readers that not only is one an alleged to be persistent, but likewise aware of one’s surroundings. Persistence and awareness of surroundings have actually their own power and seem to enhance each other. There is no doubt in psychic why Jack London to be famous and admired by readers loving to read works that literature. It makes the readers gain the heaven of literature. The analyzer of this record knows that this analysis is much from perfection. Therefore, any type of kind of convey is warmly welcome.