How’s everyone doing with your new YA obsessions? go you remain up late last night analysis both Divergent books due to the fact that once you start imaging Theo James as Four, you yes, really can’t placed it down? Great! then you’ll it is in happy to learn that the third book’s location was just announced, and also it is … Allegiant. Our condolences to everyone who just lost money betting top top Resurgent.

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and the 3rd Divergent publication Is referred to as … points you buy v our links may earn New York a commission.

Vampires, Ranked (by Hotness) i learned a few things top top this journey, greatly that most vampires are excruciatingly hot in a way that renders me feeling bad and also compromises my morals.


an Oral background of Queen of the Damned exactly how an anne Rice novel became a Hollywood saga including Aaliyah and the man from Korn.

Stephen Colbert wants His late Night Podcast to be ‘TikTok for your Ears’ Naturally, his first guest was fellow podcaster Bruce Springsteen.

We can Not believe Our Eyes, Brendan Fraser might Play Firefly In the Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace.

Below Deck Season-Premiere Recap: can I Speak come the Manager? Below Deck is back with so lot mismanagement!

Dave Chappelle ‘More than Willing’ to talk to infectious diseases world fashion Community about His distinct but says he is “not bending to anybody’s demands.”
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes walk Instagram main With your Breakup The Bachelorette pair said the they “are not compatible together life partners.”
Y: The critical Man Recap: Letting the Grass grow In the glow of the apocalypse, false rules burn. Currently our players must number out just how to endure without them.
Shea Serrano Is Going come Tweet This Story about Primo obtaining A collection Order “Do you remember when the spurs won the 2014 location after having actually their hearts damaged in the 2013 Finals? it is what ns feel like right now.”

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Succession’s Natalie gold Knows ‘You can Never Really obtain Out’ of the Roy household “Rava can’t assist herself v Kendall. She draws for sure boundaries and then he always surprises her and also she’ll let that in.”