The Star Piece is just one of the more mysterious items in Pokemon Go. Niantic didn’t make a big deal about it when it arrived in the game, an interpretation some players to be confused regarding what specifically it does and also where you might be able to find one.Of course, you more than likely won’t be all the curious about the latter if girlfriend don’t know more about the former, for this reason let’s look to the heavens and discuss what the Star piece is all about — and no, contrary to semi-popular belief, it’s not an development item.

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What does a Star item do?


Described in the in-game message as “a tiny shard that a beautiful gem,” a Star piece is basically the stardust indistinguishable of a happy Egg. However, instead of doubling her XP because that 30 minutes, the Star Piece rises the lot of stardust you knife (in any means you would gain more, consisting of opening gifts, hatching eggs and also catching Pokemon) by 50 percent for half an hour.

The Star item is therefore an aid to something the has an ext recently come to be a big deal. Stardust has constantly had its place in Pokemon GO, but the development of commerce kicked attention in it to the following level. Powering up Pokemon is tho a primary use for stardust, however trades have actually made that even an ext important. It’s obviously remained in short it is provided throughout the player base, i m sorry is why the Star piece is so useful.

How to acquire a Star Piece


The most reliable location to discover a Star item is in the Shop, detailed you have enough PokeCoins. At least at the time of this article, the Star item is not for sale as an separation, personal, instance item (boo!). However, it is because that sale as an object in the minimal time only boxes in ~ the really top of the Shop (hey, the rhymes!).

Here’s how many Star Pieces room in every box, keeping in mind the every box likewise has a selection of various other goodies in the too:

Special Box: Star piece x4Great Box: Star piece x6Ultra Box: None

Obviously, the great Box is the way to go if you’ve acquired the 780 PokeCoins, plus you’ll also receive at sight Incubators, happy Eggs and Lure Modules. Star Pieces have actually been for sale by themselves in the past as well, so relying on when you check out this article, you could want to check to check out if you can snag one individually.

It’s also possible to gain a Star item without to buy anything, and also we understand this for a fact because we have actually a Pokemon go account we use strictly because that the objectives of writing much more articles that has never made a Shop purchase and also neverthless has actually two Star Pieces. What gives?

As lucky would have it, you can likewise occasionally stumble throughout Star pieces as rewards for Special research study tasks. That’s not a reliable means to stock up top top them given the efforts it typically takes to complete these tasks, but it is worth maintaining in mind.

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You must be all collection now to uncover Star Pieces and to use them to either get you closer to that next large trade or to power up your best Pokemon. Don’t forget to check out our other Pokemon go guides too, including exactly how to acquire Lucky Pokemon and also how to record Zapdos.