Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, every peoples! For an excellent is his steadfast love towards us, and also the believers of the lord endures forever. Prayer the Lord!

This little psalm is bursting v praise to the Lord.

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as Spurgeon claims in his Treasury the David, “This Psalm, i beg your pardon is very small in that letter, is exceedingly big in its spirit; for, bursting past all limit of race or nationality, it calls upon every mankind to praise the surname of the Lord.” three times the psalmist calls us to praise or extol the Lord.

Psalm 117 is found right in the heart of the Bible. Interestingly, the holy bible has 1189 chapters, an interpretation the 595th chapter is the center chapter the the Bible. Which chapter is that? Psalm 117! Though definitely the chapter departments are not inspired, together the original texts did not contain them, quiet the lord was providentially in regulate of them.

God"s visibility is skilled in this chapter just as in any type of longer thing of scripture. Again spurson says, “The same divine Spirit i m sorry expatiates (writes in ~ length) in the 119th psalm, right here condenses his utterances right into two brief verses, yet yet the same infinite fullness is present and perceptible.”

Psalm 117 is component of the Hallel of the Psalter. The Psalter has various collection of songs in it, and also Psalms 113-118 kind one section well-known as the Hallel, which method "Praise." this psalms prayer God because that his salvation indigenous sin and death, and also speak of one that will carry this salvation. The ahead psalm, Psalm 116, says, "You have delivered my heart from death, my eye from tears, mine feet indigenous stumbling; I will certainly walk before the lord in the land of the living.” The next psalm states, "The rock that the contractors rejected has end up being the cornerstone. This is the LORD"s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the the LORD has actually made; let united state rejoice and also be glad in it.” These clearly are prophecies of Christ"s death and resurrection.

This psalm exchoes the commitment promises provided to Abraham. God had promised Abraham he would certainly be a blessing to all the countries of the earth, even transforming his name to Abraham which method "Father of countless people." In Genesis 18:18, the mr said, “Abraham will certainly surely end up being a an excellent and mighty nation, and in him all the countries of the planet will be blessed.” This psalms reminds united state of God"s promise made to Abraham and fulfilled in his seeds of Jesus Christ (Matt. 1:1).

Psalm 117 was sung through Jesus and the apostle the night prior to he died. Matthew tells united state that in ~ the conclusion that the Lord and the hands-on worker observing Passover and also the first Lord"s Supper, they sang "a hymn" prior to departing come the mount of Olives (Matt. 26:30). Most commentators tell us that this hymn would have been in reality these specific psalms, sung especially by the Jews in ~ Passover. In the midst of the psalms the Jesus was singing the night before he died, that calls all countries to prayer the lord for his an excellent love.

Psalm 117 is quoted in the publication of Romans. Paul quotes from this psalm in Romans 15. In this part of Romans, the is ar explaining the the gospel is for all people, Jews and Gentiles alike. “I say the Christ has end up being a maid to the circumcision on instead of of the truth of God to check the promises offered to the fathers, and for the Gentiles to glorify God for His mercy; together it is composed (here climate is the quote from Ps. 117), “Praise the mr all girlfriend Gentiles, and also let all the individuals praise Him.” so the early on church witnessed this psalm fulfilled in God manifesting the gospel come the Gentiles.

This psalm find its true fulfillment in the brand-new Testament Church. Though provided to the Jews, this psalm is absolutely not minimal to them. Rather, the is a speak to to all nations and peoples the the earth- in various other words the Gentiles - to worship God.

Psalm 117 testifies come the everlasting love God has actually for the church throughout the world. The reason given for praising the mr is because that his good love the stands ~ above his truth forever. Those redeemed by Christ will understand of the love now and forever.

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How the church transparent the people should rejoice and sing these words together!

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