Elie Wiesel\"s book Night begins at the outset of human being War II in the Jewish ghetto in Sighet, a tiny Transylvanian town which is now component of Romania. In the feather of 1944, the setup shifts indigenous Sighet, with Birkenau, Poland, to the German concentration camp at Auschwitz and also then come the subcamp referred to as Buna. Native Buna, the setting shifts once an ext to Buchenwald, whereby Elie and also 20,000 other prisoners room liberated by progressing American pressures in April 1945.

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ar 1 the Night, a book by Elie (Eliezer) Wiesel, begins in 1941, at the outset of civilization War II, in the Jewish ghetto in Sighet, a city in the Carpathian hills of north Transylvania. The town is now called Sighetu Marmației and also is component of Romania.

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Section 1 of Night, a book by Elie (Eliezer) Wiesel, begins in 1941, at the outset of civilization War II, in the Jewish ghetto in Sighet, a town in the Carpathian mountains of northern Transylvania. The town is now named Sighetu Marmației and also is component of Romania.

The an initial section the the publication ends in the feather of 1944, through Jews from the Sighet ghetto, including fifteen-year-old Elie Wiesel and his mother, father, and three sisters, being loaded into livestock cars top top trains that space destined because that the concentration camp in ~ Auschwitz in Poland.

In section 2, the train travels v Hungary come Kaschau, in ~ the Czechoslovakian border, and after number of days, the train arrives at Birkenau, the gateway come Auschwitz. The prisoners are told the Auschwitz is a comfortable occupational camp where family members can remain together.

Section 3 recounts the processing of Elie\"s family at Birkenau, where Elie and his father space separated from his mother and sisters.

I observed them disappear into the distance; my mom was stroking my sister\"s same hair ... And I go not understand that in the place, at the moment, ns was parting from my mother and also Tzipora forever.

Elie and his father remain in Birkenau for three weeks. In respectable 1944, Elie and also his father space marched to the work-related camp in ~ Monowitz (also well-known as Buna or Auschwitz III), the biggest Auschwitz sub-camp, which, according to the narrator, is a four-hour go west of Auschwitz.

Sections 4 and 5 that the book are collection in the Buna sub-camp, wherein Elie and his father stay until word of the Russian army approaching the camp prompts an evacuation the the camp.

As Wiesel recounts in section 6, in January, 1945, the Germans decide to give up the concentration camps in Poland so the the approaching Russian military can\"t liberate the prisoners. The Germans put 60,000 detainees on a thirty-five-mile \"death march\" come the train terminal at Gleiwitz, in southern Poland.

Section 7 is collection in Gleiwitz, whereby the detainees spend 2 days and also nights in crowded, unheated barracks there is no food or water. The survivors space then loaded into cattle cars because that the ten-day journey to the Buchenwald concentration camp in east-central Germany.

In ar 8, quiet in Buchenwald, Elie\"s father dies from dysentery.

His critical word to be my name. A summons, come which ns did no respond.

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I did no weep, and also it pained me that I could not weep. But I had actually no an ext tears. And, in the depth of my being, in the recesses of my dilute conscience, could I have actually searched for it, I could perhaps have discovered something like—free in ~ last!

In the final section the the book, section 9, the 20,000 prisoners in Buchenwald have actually been provided no food for six days, and also some the the prisoners strike the guards and SS officers and take manage of the camp. At six o\"clock that evening, April 11, 1945, American tanks and also troops come at Buchenwald and also liberate the surviving prisoners, simply three month after Elie\"s father died.