Here space some examples of the same location defined as a family member location and also an pure location.

The absolute ar of a place doesn’t change such together the attend to of a ar or the latitude and also longitude the a place.

Relative ar will change depending ~ above the person describing the location.

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When offering the absolute ar of a place, you require only to administer either the works with or the address. When providing the relative ar of a place, you have to provide information around the location based upon the location of an additional place.

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Listed below are some instances that provide both the absolute and also relative areas of assorted places.

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General instance of Absolute and also Relative Location

Addresses of a place are an instance of absolute location. Someone might live in ~ 123 main Street.

That house, when defined as a family member location, might be described as being four houses down native the corner.


United says Capitol

TheUnited states Capitol is located atFirst St SE in Washington, DC 20004. The absolute location of the U.S. Capitol in latitude/longitude is38° 53′ 35″ N, 77° 00′ 32″ W.

An instance of the relative ar of the U.S. Capitol is the it is located about 38 miles southwest the Baltimore.


Absolute and also Relative ar ofTurkey

The absolute location of thecountry that Turkey is between36 degrees and 42 levels north latitudeand between 26 degrees and 45 degrees east longitude.

The relative location of Turkey deserve to be defined as being located between the Mediterranean and also the black Seas and East that Greece.


Lake Maracaiboin Venezuela

The absolute location of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is9.80°N and 71.56°W. Lake Marcaibo is located in the northern part of Venezuela, south of the Gulf that Venezuela.

Location in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Map: Wikipedia.

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The African nation of Nigeria is situated between0 and also 15 levels north latitude and between 0 and 15 degrees east longitude. Nigeria is locatedeast of Benin, south of Niger, southwest of Chad, and also west of Cameroon.

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